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Track Adsense Code In Unauthorized Sites Report

Adsense Allowed Sites is an optional feature to ensure the publisher’s Adsense code will only appears on the right weblog/website.

However, not many have endeavoured to “secure” the code with this new feature. One of the reason is that publishers are mostly “not afford” to miss any chances that can increase the Adsense CTR!

But, if you’ve turned on the Allowed Sites function, you might be surprised by how badly your Adsense code has been applied on various unknown / splog / spam websites!

Adsense Unauthorized Sites report show you weekly data on where the publisher Adsense code has been appeared.
The Adsense Unauthorized Sites report showing weekly list of unknown websites that have shown ads using my publisher ID without my consent!

In other words, the Adsense Unauthorized Sites report also giving an idea of how frequent the readers access your weblog/website indirectly (e.g. from an offline page in PC, Google Cache, proxy server, online translation service, etc).

How to turn on the Adsense Allowed Sites feature?
  1. Login to Adsense account,
  2. Click the Adsense Setup tab,
  3. Click the Allowed Sites link,
  4. Select the Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account option,
  5. List the URLs of sites you want to show your ads, one per line, in the large text box provided.
  6. Click Save Changes button to complete it.

How to track which weblogs/websites have accessed your Adsense code

Proceed to Allowed Sites link and scroll down to Unauthorized Sites section, you’ll likely see a list of websites that are not on Allowed Sites list but have displayed ads using your AdSense publisher ID within the last week (similar to the picture above)!

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