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How to Add Recent Comments In New Blogger Template

Recent Comments is perhaps another most wanted widget but is not explicitly made available in New Blogger template (similar to social bookmarking widget for New Blogger)!

Though, there are not short of 3rd party solutions on this topic. One of these will be using the New Blogger Feed widget and comment feed function to show recent comments on the blog.

How to display Recent Comments in New Blogger template with the Feed widget and comment feed function?
  1. Login to New Blogger account,
  2. Click the Settings link of the blog,
  3. Click the Site Feed link,
  4. Switch to Advanced Mode,
  5. Set Blog Comment Feed and Per-Post Comment Feeds to Full,
  6. Click the Comments link,
  7. Set Comments to Show,
  8. Set Comments Default for Posts to New Posts Have Comments,
  9. Click the Template link,
  10. Click the Add A Page Element link on sidebar,
  11. Add a Feed type of Page Element,
  12. Write your blog comment feed URL in the Feed URL text box as prompted, e.g.

Although this little works for the purpose, there are some limitations, such as
  • only able to display a maximum of 5 recent comments,
  • the posted comments will not appear immediately in the comment feed,
  • not able to specify how many words per comment to display,

To get a better Recent Comments for New Blogger template, you can refers to Hans Customizable Recent Comments Widget.

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  3. bmw-talk 16-12-09@09:03

    Though I haven’t been blogging much successfully.. but to be honest, what I learned from blogging is Content is King, Custom Looking Template is sure the Queen ! Your Unique Looks (Template & Logo) makes your blog seperate, different and memorable plus brandable. Then it comes to your content, depending how well and good you provide content. Visitors stay or leave ! :)

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