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How To Enable Vista Ultimate Administrator Account

By default installation, all Windows Vista editions will disable the ultimate, built-in Administrator account.

Although it’s possible to create a new Vista user account of Administrator group, the User Account Control (UAC) will automatically running all user processes in standard user account privilege.

Having says that, the user created accounts in Administrator group are pseudo Administrator accounts! Unless you’ve tweaked or disabled the Vista UAC, a Windows process or event that requires Administrator privilege will pop up a Consent UI for confirmation.

However, there is a built-in, ultimate real Vista super user account that’s exactly called Administrator (by default).

Windows Vista ultimate, built-in Administrator account.
The built-in Vista Administrator account is ultimate real super user account

By using this account, you’ll regain the real Windows Administrator privilege – the Vista UAC feature and IE7 Protected Mode will be disabled altogether!

As this built-in account is disabled by default installation, you might need to follow these steps to turn on / enable the Vista Administrator account:

An additional down-arrow icon is display on Vista user accounts that are disabled.
An additional down-arrow icon is display on Vista user accounts that are disabled.
  • Click the Windows Orb and type control userpasswords2 in the Start Search text box,
  • Click the Advanced tab of the User Accounts dialog box,
  • Click the Advanced button in Advanced User Management section,
  • Double click the Users menu on the left panel,
  • (An additional down-arrow icon is shown on all Vista user accounts that are currently disabled)
  • Right-click the Administrator account (in middle column) and select the Properties menu
  • Untick the “Account Is Disabled” check box and click Apply follow by OK button.

How to enable the ultimate real Vista Administrator account?
Un-tick the check box of Account Is Disabled to turn on the ultimate real Vista Administrator account

From now onwards, you’ll see an additional user account icon called Administrator in Vista logon screen. Logon to this account will give you the ultimate user privilege!

Log on Windows Vista with the ultimate real super user account.

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  1. no tonto 05-03-08@19:05

    you beauty

  2. KaushaL 04-04-08@11:54

    Thanx for the help… got it at the right time….

  3. Duc Tran 09-05-08@07:47


    i have disable all of the account!!!!! now i can not log in at all. i have not set any password at all for any of the account. is there a way of enable one of the account, administrator would be a frefer account to be enabale. thanks

  4. tonny 17-07-08@22:13

    i have tried it but to no avail. i only receive this message:

    The following error occured while attempting to save properties for user Administrator:

    Access is denied.

    pls help

  5. Walker 18-07-08@01:48

    I suppose that you’d prompted by the Vista Consent UI (unless the UAC is disabled), and so you should able to save the settings made.

    But I’m not sure is there difference if the Vista PC being part of the domain where group policy controls this. i.e. the local administrator can’t overwrite the setting unless domain controller credential is used.

    To be comfirmed, type gpedit.msc at the Vista Start Search text box to bring up Local Group Policy editor.

    Then browse to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options.

    Now, on the right-pane of editor window, the top most option is “Accounts: Administrator account status”, where you could set the real administrator account of Windows Vista to be enabled or disabled.

    A non-domain Window Vista PC should only has Policy and Security Settings in the Local Group Policy editor. If there is an additional column (that say something related to domain), then you might notice the differences.

    Please comment.

  6. thanks 10-10-08@15:55

    Nice one i’m hoping this will allow me to finally regain access to the desktop background after getting hit by a nasty malware.

  7. Dennis 06-12-08@21:46

    When i go advanced and the lusmgr pops up it says i cant use it because i use Vista Home premium. So what do i do? Or can i even do this with my version? Cause i need to delete some items that need admin say so. But when i click yes or continue it wont let me delete them, it always says i need permission.

  8. kaka 16-01-09@16:35

    how to disable desktop background property for users other than administrator in Vista?

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