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Classy Black WordPress Theme By AskGraphics

Here are 2 fixed-width, 3-column WordPress themes in classy black – designed by AskGraphics for November 2007.

If you’re fancy about black color theme too, take a look on the demo links.
DivBlackDownload | Demo

DivBlack is a black color, 3-column, fix-width WordPress theme

By default : DivBlack is a fixed-width, 3-column, black color WordPress theme designed by AskGraphics for November 2007. The main column for post content is fixed at 627px and 2 right-handed sidebars measured at 150px and 180px respectively. The theme designer claimed that DivBlack was tested on WordPress 2.2.1 and compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Theme Hack : I would prefer to remove the graphic in header, add in WordPress 2.3 Tag Cloud and Post Tag, enable Gravatar feature, using brighter font color and justify text-alignment for the post content.

DivCubsDownload | Demo

DivCubs is another black color, fixed-width, 3-column WordPress theme for November 2007

By Default : DivCubs is another AskGraphics design – fixed-width, 3-column WordPress theme in classy black. The main column for post content is fixed at 560px while the there is 2+1-column in sidebar – the About column in the top of right-handed sidebar is fixed at 366px while the 2-column below it is measured at 150px each.

Theme Hack : Unlike the DivBlack theme, there is no graphics in the header. Though, I would like to replace the About column with WordPress 2.3 Tag Cloud. Similarly, the post tag and Gravatar feature should be turned on altogether.

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