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WalkerNews WordPress Theme With Tag And Gravatar

I’ve to admit that I’m not good in web programming and design. Otherwise, I won’t have to struggle more than 3 months to come up with this 2-column, fix-width, and black colour WordPress theme.

Worst still, I didn’t create it from the ground up. Indeed, this “new” WordPress theme (for WalkerNews.net) is a result of modification cum combination from few other published themes.

When the web design works started 3 months ago, it was WordPress 2.2 compatible. Now, it’s made as another WordPress 2.3 theme.

Here are some of the features in brief:
  • Support WordPress Tag Cloud and post tags function
  • Render WordPress Category and Sub-category in hierarchy order
  • Display Monthly Archive
  • 2-cloumn, fixed width, right-hand sidebar
  • Black colour theme with lime and gold trimming
  • Display post excerpt in non-main index pages

Besides those standard features, these are the two non-standard:
  • Highlight site author’s comments and pingbacks with gold trimming and author’s Gravatar
  • Instead of displaying conventional WordPress post tags hyperlink (which is already tackled by Tag Cloud feature), this theme displays post tags in site-search hyperlink with rel=”tag” attribute.

Visually, I’m quite satisfied with the design (from a non-designer point of view). Technically, XHTML validator still reports number of errors of the underlying code!

I’ll be really appreciate if someone could offer me some idea or solution to fix this glitch.

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