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How To Receive Adsense Earning Via Western Union

If Adsense EFT payment is not available in your country, you might expect an alternative for the similar convenience of using Electronic Funds Transfer service.

Now, your dream might be materialized as Adsense has just recently introduced a new payment option that rely on the efficiency of Western Union!
Currently, the Western Union Quick Cash for Adsense is only available to few countries (which is out of Adsense-EFT coverage) – China (Mainland), Malaysia, Pakistan, Romania, Philippines, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

So, if you’re living in one of these countries and expect to have EFT payment, the Western Union Quick Cash is certainly a better option to receive Adsense paycheck!

To enable the Adsense-Western Union Quick Cash payment, proceed to My Account and edit the Payment Details setting.

While enabling the new payment option, make sure the payee name match exactly your name that printed on the national ID card or any recognized government document with photo of you. You’ll need to present the valid and legit document before Western Union agent is convinced to release the Adsense payment for you at the counter!

If the payee name doesn’t match, you’ll have to write to Adsense for payee change request.

The Adsense payment can be picked up on next day after the Adsense payment date. Also, the Adsense payment must be picked up from the agents within 35 days of the payment date. Otherwise, the unclaimed earning will be credited back to your Adsense account again.

To locate the Western Union agents of your country, you can refers to Western Union Agents Locator service. For accuracy, make sure you’ve selected “Quick Cash” option in the “Product” drop-down box.

Before approaching an agent for “Quick Cash payment” (the keyword to ask for payment), make sure you’ve these things with you:
  • Valid government-issued document with photo attached, i.e. National ID Card, Passport, Driving License, etc.
  • Keep the Payer or Sender information (key in to your PDA phone) –
    1. Google Inc.
      1600 Amphitheatre Parkway,
      Mountain View,
      California 94043,
    2. Phone Number: 650-253-4000
  • Amount of the Adsense earning paid to you (find it out from Payment History page).
  • Publisher’s unique MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), which you can find it by clicking on the “details” link next to the Payment Issued line on Payment History page

Depends on the respective country policies, you might receive Adsense earning in your local currency. As Adsense is issuing greenback cheque, some percentage of currency conversion is involved and the rate is calculated on the day you pick up the payment.

Also, the maximum payment done through Quick Cash is depending on the central bank policies. You can confirm the maximum Adsense earning payable via Quick Cash while you enabling the Quick Cash payment option.

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