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Adsense Paycheck Via Western Union Where EFT Not Available

Receiving Adsense earning electronically to publisher’s local bank account is certainly a better option than receiving Adsense paycheck via snail-mail.

By using EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), publishers not only receive Adsense payment sooner than those who collect greenback cheque issued by Citibank of United States, but are also enjoy cheaper remittance processing fee!
However, the convenient of using EFT service is not available to all countries where Adsense is applicable, especially to most non-developed countries.

But the good news is that Adsense has finally came up with an alternative solution to EFT payment, which is introduced as Western Union Quick Cash service. (The sad news, again, is that the Adsense-Western Union solution is not available to all publishers too!)

Similar to EFT, you as a publisher can receive Adsense earning in your local currency on next day after the Adsense payment date.

Publishers who choose to use Western Union Quick Cash option can also strategically cut down cheque clearing fees and times associated with depositing those foreign cheques.

On some countries, it takes about 30 days or 1 month to clear a foreign cheque. That means, your earning of June will only credited to local bank account after 2 months!

Using Western Union Quick Cash service as an alternative option to EFT service to receive Adsense paycheck.
Provided the Adsense-Western Union Quick Cash payment option is available for your country, you can use this new payment option as an alternative to Adsense EFT service.

If you haven’t changed the Adsense payment option, feel free to do so by going to My Account and edit the Payment Details setting.

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