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Compare Windows Antivirus Software Reliability

It’s not a secret that Microsoft Windows OS is well known to be target of virus and malware.

Even Windows Vista with User Account Control (UAC) enabled also not totally immune to computer virus.
Thus, better don’t disable or bypass Antivirus program that provides secondary or primary layer of protection, especially if you’re using any version of Windows OS, including Windows Vista Ultimate edition that demand multi years and billion dollars of software development cost!

However, not all Antivirus programs work well in the question of virus protection reliability. Also, those branded or well-known Antivirus in the past doesn’t mean that they remain reliable or getting stronger to combat various modern computer virus infections.

So, sit back and make a prompt decision by reading the comment of IT security experts who count on top rank Antivirus suites that keep their salary and bonus checked.

According to August statistics, these are the three Antivirus candidates that said able to detect 99% of virus on Windows XP SP2 (not appears in order)
  • Avira AntiVir PE Premium
  • G Data AntivirusKit
  • AEC TrustPort AV

Two other well-known Antivirus that able to catch 98% of virus/malware at the same reporting period are Russian Kaspersky AV (My favourite for Windows Vista Ultimate) and Norton Anti-Virus.

Meanwhile, ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus, AVG Anti-Malware, Softwin BitDefender Prof, F-Secure Anti-Virus and MicroWorld eScan Anti-virus reported with 97% score.

However, the favourite of my company IT Security head, namely McAfee VirusScan is said only able to detect 93% of virus spreading in the dangerous cyber world. Having said that, our company IT system inherit 7% risk of suffering virus attack!

If you’re currently using any AntiVirus program which is not mentioned here, check it out at Andreas Clementi AntiVirus Comparative Result for August 2007 (or via the Google Cache version).

You might also need to pay attention to security kit that detects less than 90% of computer virus. See also the Anti-Virus comparison for 1st quarter.

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