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Snipping Tool Takes Longer Time To Load

Snipping Tool is one of the screen capture or print screen utility that comes with Windows XP Tablet editions and Windows Vista premium editions.

For Windows documenters who used to capture many program screen-shots, Snipping Tool is much intuitive and efficient than the legacy Print Screen button! (See also Snipping Tool Tips and Tricks).
However, if you’ve came across a weird situation that the Snipping Tool appears to hangs up, take longer time to load or the program is not seen immediately after clicking the Snipping Tool program shortcut, most likely the PC is running low of free memory or the Tablet service has been disabled/not started!

When this happen to my office PC (running Windows Vista Business with P4 2Ghz and 1GB RAM), I though the VMWare virtual machine has caused the Snipping Tool to take longer time appears on screen. The Windows Task Manager, however, shows that the SnippingTool.exe is already exists.

After troubleshooting for a while, I recalled that I’d disabled the Tablet PC Input Service (service name – TabletInputService) on few days ago!

The Tablet PC Input Service enables Tablet PC pen and ink functionality, which seen nothing much to do with my Desktop PC. But, it’s true that if you’ve disabled this particular Windows service while memory is running with little free memory, the Snipping Tool will takes longer time to appear on screen.

So, to fix this problem that caused by Windows service, type service in the Start Search text box and click the “services” shortcut in Program list.

How to get Snipping Tool appears faster in Windows Vista?

Next, locate the “Tablet PC Input Service” and make sure it’s STATUS is STARTED, as shown in the screenshot (above, again is taken by Snipping Tool).

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  1. Louis 11-02-16@17:34


    I have win7 with two screens on a desktop. I have had this snipping tool 30 sec startup problem for ages, very annoying. Today I changed my pagefile to “custom size” from 8GB to the recommended 12GB (the exact recommended number 12153) and Lo and behold, its working now for the first time ever! I have a 3 sec startup. I have tried all other published solutions to no avail.

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