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How To Embed Windows Streaming Video In HTML

You shouldn’t directly and explicitly embed the URL of a Windows streaming media file in HTML code.

An ASX file should always be used to reference Windows streaming media!
For example, the ASX link in HTML code that resemble this
<a href="http://www.walkernews.net/media/test.asx"> Windows streaming video sample </a>

should be embedded or written in the web page HTML source code.

Except with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc, doesn’t understand the Microsoft Media Server (MMS) streaming protocol.

However, they can speak the helper applications standard.

So, when an ASX file downloaded into browser cache folder, the non-IE browser will launch helper application associated with the ASX MIME type (application/mplayer2 or video/x-ms-asf), which is the Microsoft Windows Media Player, to play the MMS streaming video.

An ASX file is the Windows file extension for Advanced Stream Redirector or Windows Media Metafile – a XML-based text file that contains the URL of a piece of Windows streaming content.

In brief, an ASX file is a shortcut to Windows streaming file!

How to create an ASX file?

The ASX file is a XML-based ASCII file. The sample content might resemble this format:
<ASX version = "3.0">
<TITLE>The title of this ASX</TITLE>
	<TITLE>The title of this ASF streaming video</TITLE>
         <ref href="mms://walkernews.net/test.asf"/>

To add more streaming video or audio inside the ASX file, simply duplicate the <ENTRY></ENTRY> block of code will do.

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