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How To Download Streaming Video From ASX File

If the Firefox web browser failed to open and play ASX streaming video hosted by Mojoflix.com, here are the extra steps to retrieve and download the streaming video that embedded inside the Advanced Stream Redirector file!

Advanced Stream Redirector (.asx) file, or Windows Media Metafile, is a XML-based text file which references a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for a piece of media content. Simply put, an ASX file is a shortcut to Media Content.
If you happen to see this similar alert in Firefox, IE7, Opera, etc, try to open and view the page source code.

How to download streaming video that embedded inside an ASX file?

With Firefox (screenshot), simply right-click the page and click the “View Page Source” command in the Context menu.

With IE7, try to locate the .asx or <'EMBED name=MediaPlayer keyword inside the page source code. For example, the page source might contain similar block of code:
<EMBED name=MediaPlayer src='http://www.mojoflix.com/Embed/testing.asx' width=450 height=425 type=application/x-mplayer2 ShowControls='1' ShowStatusBar='1' allow***Access='never' autoStart='1'></EMBED>

Next, click the Media tab of Page Info dialog box (Firefox), locate the Address ended with ASX file extension and Type of “Embed”, right-click to copy that particular link and download the ASX file with your favourite download manager (Free Download Manager, Flashget, etc).

How to retrieve video that embedded inside an ASX file in Firefox?

Now, open the downloaded ASX file with Wordpad. For pleasure experience, see how to add more program shortcut to the Windows Sendto menu – right-click the ASX file and open it with Wordpad shortcut in the SendTo context menu!

Right-click the ASX file and open with Wordpad shortcut in the Windows SendTo context menu.

Locate the streaming video (AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG, etc) that appears as an URL inside the ASX file, i.e. the XML-based text file!

Locate the URL of streaming video format ended with AVI, WMV, MPEG, MPG, MP4, ASF, etc inside the ASX text file.

Copy that final URL to download manager program and save it to hard disk for local playback, backup or distribution. Enjoy!

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  2. Iman 16-01-09@19:42

    Thanks it was helpful.

  3. rxueloenz 15-05-09@02:33

    Well that asx is not really linking to streaming video but to static video, so it isnt really helpful.

  4. Annoyed 14-09-09@01:38

    This doesnt work!

  5. ata 10-10-10@19:57

    there is no match in asx format in page source but it is shtml

  6. Meelee 18-11-10@11:54

    Works only for broadcasting stations broadcasting prerecorded video or audio, and give a reference to a file on a disk.
    Larger servers are more secured, and often it will not be possible to access the http file.
    A well made asx file does not allow you to download from them.
    You’ll see something like this in such a file:

    Title of song or event
    © 200X, company Copyright AG

    The http server is blocked as long as no info is gotten from the mms and/or the rtsp server. one of them both serves as a verifier and a key to open the original server; and even then, usually they only send packets of the file, that without connecting to the mms server at the same time are useless (unless you don’t mind watching chopped video every other second without sound or video)

  7. senthipathi 22-12-10@01:46

    Thanks Buddy, it’s working on opera.

  8. wotazilla 05-11-11@18:33

    try it on mms:// kind site and this trick works for me, thanks.

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