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Why Enable Adsense Allowed Sites Feature

To maintain reputation of Google Adsense, every publishers who implement Google adverts system have to strictly comply with the Adsense TOS.

Thus, the Adsense team has introduced many tools and good practice guidelines, from time to time, to assist publishers look after their Adsense implementation carefully. And the latest tools introduced as Adsense Allowed Sites feature.

Allowed Sites is a new Adsense security feature to help publishers carefully look after their Adsense account.

It’s the publisher responsibility to look after their Adsense implementation carefully and take initiative to report any suspicious activities on their Adsense powered adverts. Otherwise, the absolute authority in Google Inc will freeze the publisher’s Google account and/or Adsense earning, if one can’t prove that they’re being innocent!

Although there is no explicit statement to force everyone turn on the “Allowed Sites” feature, I think it’s better that every Adsense publishers should take initiative enabling it, rather than leave it idle or disabled!

So, what’s this Allowed Sites feature and how it works to safeguard your Adsense code?

To prevent someone (with or without intention) from embedding your Adsense publisher ID or Adsense code to some web sites that are against the Adsense TOS (e.g. splogs, terrorism, porno, tampered Adsense code, etc), the “Allowed Sites” is developed to allow publishers specifically define a list of legit domains that should have the publishers’ Adsense code.

If happen that your Adsense code is found on other web sites that are not in the list of “Allowed Sites”, Adsense system will automatically ignore “contribution” from those “illegal” domains or web sites.

So, if your daily income starts to drop significantly right after enabling the Allowed Sites function, you might surprise to ask “who are the evils” that sending you bucks and cents as well as the nightmare of getting banned!

Of course, different people have different point of view, like Amit @ Labnol who has outlined many other “legit channels” to accumulate income, e.g. Google Cache, social sites, RSS feeds, etc”

Still hesitate or need to think twice before enabling the Allowed Sites function?

Well, I’ve personally enabled this feature and start to monitor daily income. But, as the fact that WalkerNews.net is far from being top-rank blog, the comparison of daily income before and after turning on Allowed Sites feature sounds non-sense and statistically invalid! (Probably, I’ll turn it off again after some days!)

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