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Difference Of Tag And Category In WordPress 2.3

WordPress 2.3 RC1 has been released few days ago and the final release shall be due on coming Monday.

One of the significant features introduced in WordPress 2.3 will be the most wanted built-in tag system.

I believe most of the WordPress users are familiar with its Categories feature. Then again, categories and tags are almost the same thing or sharing the same definition to most of them.

Many of the WordPress users know about Categories feature but not understand its real functionality or purpose, including myself!

So, when the Tags system made big in WordPress 2.3 and appears as an additional feature to the existing Categories system (not replacing or dressing Categories with a new term), I get confuse and ask about “the differences of Tag and Category” kind of question.

After reading Dougal’s “Tags and Categories in WordPress 2.3“, I’ve learnt the differences, definition and functionalities of Tags and Categories!

And I’m glad that WalkerNews.net categories haven’t been badly messed up too, even before the Dougal’s article!

Although I didn’t really think about the differences of Tags and Categories, not even taking initiative to look for dictionary definition, I’ve learnt to keep WalkerNews.net categories as simple and general as possible.

Since the first post in WalkerNews.net, each of the blog post is categorized with at most two categories and tagged with a number of keywords that seem relevant to the individual articles.

Thus, I can easily locate a group of articles for a topic, e.g. Internet, Windows Vista, Freeware, Smartphone, etc in the Categories section at the sidebar. And the Technorati tags appended to each posts allow me to search other articles with similar keywords that are relevant to the post.

Though, the “Technorati Tags” has been changed to “Site Search Tags” on August 2007. Instead of searching other articles with related keywords in Technorati space, it will dig articles with relevant keywords from WalkerNews.net!

The reason of separately maintain Technorati tags (keywords of individual articles) and Categories of each posts is obviously to avoid WalkerNews.net ended up with thousands of Categories in a short while! When this happen, it will be a nightmare to maintain such a big number of category terms and looks messy.

So, with the introduction of WordPress 2.3 and Dougal’s explanation, everyone who are asking the same question of “Tags VS Categories” should have an answer now. Don’t you?

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  1. Walker 23-09-07@22:42

    I missed the official answer to the “Tags VS Categories” question at WordPress.com.

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