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How To Fix No Flash Callback Executed In IE7

HK Yahoo Dictionary is one of my favourite bookmark that I used to access frequently. (No choice, but I’ve to admit my poor command of English!)

But, today I keep on receiving “No flash callback executed” dialog box whenever searching a word or refreshing the page.

How to fix No flash callback executed error message in IE7 or other web browser.Too bad! This no flash callback executed problem has caused the dictionary word pronunciation becomes mute, stop working or malfunction.

In fact, the word pronunciation icon is missing altogether!

At first, I guess could the Yahoo Dictionary problem. But, there is no problem found in Firefox and Opera 9.2. So, seems that only the IE7 version of Flash Player to be blamed. Though, the Flash ActiveX Control is still running, as shown in the Manage Add-on dialog box of Internet Explorer 7.

To make a quick fix, I simply proceed to download and install the latest Adobe Flash Player 9, where you can get it from here or here.

According to Adobe Systems Inc, the Adobe Flash 9 is a high-performance, lightweight and highly expressive client runtime that delivers powerful and consistent user experiences across major operating systems, browsers, mobile phones, and devices.

How popular is Adobe Flash Player?
The statistics of Adobe Flash Player installation on global computer systems. Can Microsoft beat it with Silverlight?

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  1. alice 08-12-07@02:27

    I don’t think it’s right, because the problem still exist after I reinstalled Flash Player.

  2. Dusty 23-12-08@18:22

    This article could also assist: Flash IE7 Fix

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