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Vista Performance Tool Restore 3GB Free Disk Space

How to delete hibernation file in Windows Vista, if you’re not using hibernation or sleep feature?

How to delete or wipe off more than 3GB of useless files from Windows Vista, when you’re running low of free disk space?

Yes, how do you know that I’m using this good old performance tool in Windows Vista?
Disk Cleanup or cleanmgr.exe is as tiny as 175KB but can efficiently eat few Gigabytes of rubbish that are left in a Windows Vista computer!

Basically, these are some of the rubbish that Disk Cleanup is looking for wipe-off. But it won’t automatically search and delete them without user’s consent. You have the absolute choice of selective cleanup by ticking only those you want to housekeep.

Windows Vista performance tool - Disk Cleanup or Cleanmgr.exe - used to efficiently delete or wipe off Gigabytes of useless files storing in Windows Vista computer.
  • Downloaded program files – ActiveX Controls or Java Applets that are downloaded automatically when browsing certain web pages. These junk files are temporarily stored in Downloaded Program Files folder in %WinDir% or C:\Windows.
  • Temporarily Internet Files (TIF) – The IE7 cache folder used to store a copy of each visited web page and embedded web objects (e.g. flash video, shockwave game, pictures, mp3, etc) for quick browsing.
    The IE7 TIF and cache folder can be located at
    cd %userprofile%
    cd AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low
  • Office Setup Files – Latest Microsoft Office used to keep a copy of installation file in Windows to avoid accessing installation media or sources during any Reinstall, Repair, or Patch operation from Program And Features applet. These Microsoft Office installation files can be easily consuming few hundred Megabytes!
  • Recycle Bin – Unless you’ve tweaked the Recycle Bin properties or you’re used to press SHIFT+DEL keyboard shortcut when removing files, all the deleted files are temporarily store to Windows Recycle Bin for recovery or undelete purpose.
  • Temporarily Files – Temporarily files left in TEMP folder by various programs execution or installation.
  • Thumbnails – Quick previews of pictures, video and documents created by Windows Vista.
  • Hibernation File – Hibernation file is used to store the unsaved works in memory when the computer turning to Vista Sleep mode. In my Windows Vista Ultimate, this file is occupying 2.9GB disk space of which the function I never use!

The Vista Disk Cleanup can also locate and delete all restore points of System Restore and Shadow Copies, except the latest one. Or, to further trim down Windows Vista installation drive by turning off and removing some of the seldom used programs and components.

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