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Video Converter For Smart-Phone Like Nokia N73

Although the PDA or smart-phone display screen is not ideal for movie playback. It’s too small for many, especially to the demanding type of people.

But, I find it better than nothing. Imagine that I can have a movie with Nokia N73 while taking a 2-hours coach back to hometown.
Yes, that 2.4 inch QVGA display screen is definitely not attractive at all for action movie like Transformer, Spiderman, Rush Hours, etc. But, what about comedy, documentary, romantic, etc type of movie?

Certainly, these are the “good choice” of movies to playback on my Nokia N73 while I’m sitting free. After all, I’m not particular to have non-action movies on a tiny screen. For example, watching Basic Instinct 2 of Sharon Stone can be really fun.

Basic Instinct II of Sharon Stone converted to MP4 format for playback on Nokia N73.

This movie, Basic Instinct 2, was split in 4 parts and encoded to RealPlayer format (RMVB) for computer playback. Then, my friend converted the RMVB files to MP4 format for his Nokia N95.

As the resolution looks great on N95, so I asked him to send me the file for testing. Except the problem of receiving 200MB movie over Bluetooth, the playback and resolution are quite attractive on N73 too!

Xilisoft Video Converter settings used to convert video into MP4 movie format for Nokia N73Upon asking the video converters, he recommended me to Xilisoft Video Converter.

While Xilisoft Video Converter is able to convert video to MP4 or 3GP format, you need to tune some of the codec settings manually. Otherwise, the converted movie might not playback well in your iPhone, iPod Video, PDA, smart-phone, MP4 player, etc.

For example, according Nokia N73 ME technical specification, the video recorder can function at 352 x 288 pixel (CIF) at up to 15-FPS MPEG-4 format.

So, I use this information to configure Xilisoft MP4 converter settings to match with N73 video and audio (mpeg4acc) playback features.

Xilisoft Video Converter settings used to convert video into MP4 movie format for Nokia N73
Configure Xillisoft Video Converter settings of MP4 movie format for playback on Nokia N73

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  1. nismogurl 06-11-07@13:46

    This is great…. but do you have any information or article on video converter for PSP?

    I think most of my photos taken in my N73 has taken up lots of space and it caused my mobile lag and hang most of the time…
    Do you have this problem; while you want to use your main camera to snap some pict and it will lag and then hang. I gotta restart my mobile! So, i guess putting video in it is not a great idea as it will burden the space!

  2. murlidhar 18-12-07@14:23

    I like nokia models,I want new softwere

  3. tulip 26-03-08@05:09

    hi i have this software.. but it asks for registeration number???
    so can any one help me regardin this……

  4. MarioPORTUGAL 29-08-08@05:38

    hi… plz help me…

    i’m using xilisoft that u give, evthing it’s ok on movies but there is no audio…

    can u give me an hand ?

    hope u help me soon… thankS

  5. Walker 29-08-08@21:03

    Hi Mario from Portugal, have a good day :-)

    I would like to help, but that xillisoft is not made by me, and second point is that you didn’t give much details to proceed.

    So, I guess you said there is no audio when playback on your mobile? If so, do you able to play it with audio in PC?

    Suppose the audio is fine when playback at PC, then you might have set the wrong audio encoding where it can’t be decoded by your mobile phone. You may refer to the mobile phone technical specs to match the audio encoding with the one supported by the cell phone.

  6. rasa 01-02-09@16:48

    i want smart vedio converter

  7. sarfaraz 09-02-09@21:52

    very intesting site so kind of you

  8. saeed 28-03-09@04:09

    i need vedio converter

  9. shahid 04-04-09@20:31

    i want smart vedio converter

  10. fridelain 07-05-09@16:07

    1) QVGA =320×240 pixels. So putting it at 352 x 288 will actually make it look poorer (It has to be decoded and downsized at realtime by an ARM6 processor working a 400 MHz and with 11 Megs of Ram, so don’t expect it to use bicubic). Always encode it at the screen resolution, using bicubic or lanczos (sharper). It will look better and also avoid draining the battery.
    2) 15 fps is the camera limitation. If you don’t mind a larger file, go for 25.
    3) The phone headset and speakers are of poor quality. Unless you are not an audiophile and bought the highly overpriced headset, i would suggest mp3 audio, which was designed for be decoded without battery draining, so battery will last longer (you won’t notice it anyway).

  11. fridelain 07-05-09@16:14

    For the encoder i would suggest either avidemux [http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/] (let’s you play with codec settings) Smart People’s Choice
    if you want it to be as simple as possible, SUPER [http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html]

  12. Gohar 16-07-09@13:02

    i want video covertor

  13. sambali 24-04-10@19:16

    Hi can I download that for free!

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