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How To Send Movie File To Nokia N73 Via Bluetooth

Have you encountered “Memory full. Delete some data!” kind of error message when someone trying to send mp3, movie, photos, etc, from another phone to your Nokia N73 over Bluetooth connection?

Yes, I’ve just hit by this silly problem even my N73 ME has 2GB Mini-SD card with plenty of free space to keep a 200MB MP4 movie clip.
Though, I managed to find a simple fix! If this Bluetooth problem happen to you too, just change the Nokia N73 Messaging settings to store SMS messages in memory card rather than in phone memory!

How to change Nokia N73 Messaging settings so that SMS messages are stored to memory card and not phone memory?
  1. Access to the Messaging screen,
  2. Click the Options menu,
  3. Select Settings menu,
  4. Enter Other menu,
  5. Change the Memory In Use option to make sure the N73 will store messages in Memory Card and not the Phone Memory.

After applying this change, all the files sending over Bluetooth will appears as a SMS attachment upon completion and stored in the memory card, subjected to free space available.

How to receive a 200MB movie file transferred from another phone over Bluetooth?
N73 display screen captured by Screen-shot For Symbian OS S60

Although this fix allows me to receive the 200MB movie file and played in RealPlayer, it couldn’t be saved as a file in memory card. I’ve tried few times, but the saving didn’t complete at all!

I couldn’t understand why the N73 or Symbian OS doesn’t directly write the movie to memory card as a file. Isn’t it stupid and troublesome to store as a SMS and save the “attachment” to file again?

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  1. Rajesh 30-04-08@21:16

    Checkout the Data Trasfer option in the Tools Menu.

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