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Latest Google Pack Includes StarOffice Suite

Make your PC more USEFUL. Get the GREEN Google Pack for free!

Google Pack is a freeware collection package that what Google think are useful for most Windows computer systems. And, the Google Pack is certainly compatible with the latest Windows Vista editions!

Google Pack is freeware collection that contains popular and useful application for Windows.
Google Pack freeware collections includes many useful applications and utilities for Windows based machine, in a few mouse-click installation.

The reputable Google brand assures that this software collection is absolutely free of trialware or spyware! Best of all, the Google Pack also comes with Symantec Norton Security Scan for on-demand scanning and removal of viruses, Trojan horses, and hack tools.

Although the Norton Security Scan includes free protection updates, it couldn’t provide continuous or real-time protection from the latest security risks. So, that’s the difference of ON-DEMAND SCANNING and REAL-TIME SCANNING of freeware and shareware version.

If Norton Security Scan is considered a cure, then the Kaspersky-alike Internet Security suite is a prevention system!

However, if you think of saving few hundred bucks for Microsoft Office 2007, Google Pack is certainly one of the recommended software pack for new and existing Windows computers!

The latest Google Pack is now includes StarOffice suite of Sun Microsystems. This free and open source office suite software package not only allow you create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc, but also let you easily view, edit, and save Microsoft Office compatible files format!

According to the official StarOffice feature guide, this freeware is almost 100% identical with Microsoft Office in term of office software functionalities!

Although the full download of all Google Pack is huge in size (especially StarOffice), you can read the brief description of each freeware and make prompt decision to choose only those you really want (as seen in the Google Pack selection screenshot at above).

In brief, the current version of Google Pack includes Google Earth, Norton Security Scan, Google Desktop, Firefox with Google Toolbar, Adobe Reader, Skype, Google Toolbar for IE, Spyware Doctor, Picasa, Google Photos Screensaver, Google Talk and StarOffice.

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