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How To Reset Windows Vista Account Password

Few months ago, I wrote a trick posted by a China man about how easily to crack the Windows Vista Administrator account password.

But, it’s not working as it said when I tried it after writing the post.
Today, I found another trick and tested it successfully on my own Windows Vista Ultimate machine – The Trinity Rescue Kit or TRK!

Trinity Rescue Kit or TRK is a tiny Linux distribution that used to repair or recover both Linux and Windows operating system, including reset or crack Windows Vista administrator account password.
Trinity Rescue Kit is a tiny Linux distribution that used to repair or recover both Linux and Windows operating system, including the ability to reset a forgotten Windows Vista Administrator account password

In fact, there is a proven video demo of using Trinity Rescue Kit to reset a forgotten Windows Vista administrator account password. Beside Windows Vista editions, the TRK is said works well to reset account password in Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 too.

Cautions! It’s illegal (with most countries cyber laws, I think) to crack or reset another Windows logon account password that is not yours. The Trinity Rescue Kit is only a really good toolkit for those who want to reset a forgotten Administrator account password which is under his/her administration or ownership!

How to crack or reset a forgotten Windows Administrator account password with Trinity Rescue Kit in 3 minutes?

Download the latest Trinity Rescue Kit 3.2 Build 279 from the TRK official home page.

Make sure you’re downloading TRK ISO image file and validate its MD5 checksum with the published one (to confirm the ISO image is genuine and safe!)

Burn the TRK ISO image to a blank CD, which is less than 105MB in size.

Boot up Windows Vista machine with the Trinity Rescue Kit CD-ROM and wait for the tiny Linux loading completely to system memory.

Type winpass -u Administrator at the command prompt. To reset a Windows Vista Administrator account called Admin, just replace Administrator as Admin will do.

The winpass command will then displaying message that resemble these:

Searching and mounting all file system on local machine
Windows NT/2K/XP installation(s) found in:
1: /hda1/Windows
Make your choice or ‘q’ to quit [1]:

In this case, type 1 and press ENTER or just hit ENTER key to accept the default value, i.e. [1].

Next, it’s time to reset password of the specified Windows Vista account. The Trinity Rescue Kit suggests resetting it to a blank password that might work better than setting a new password! So, just type * (asterisk key) and hit the ENTER key to reset a blank or empty password for the specified Windows account.

Then, type Y and press ENTER key at the “Do you really wish to change it?” message prompt.

Now, type init 0 to shutdown the Trinity Rescue Kit Linux system, take out the CD-ROM and boot into Windows Vista Ultimate again.

This time, your Windows Vista should have automatically logged on with Administrator account without asking for a forgotten password!

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  6. Raphaël 04-10-07@04:22


    I have tried using this technic since after installing my little sister her new laptop I forgot which password I entered.

    Only result is that the picture that is shown at the login screen has been reset to the standard one but I can’t login with the password I gave in.

    I editted user Littlesis by typing winpass -u Littlesis

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Raphaël 04-10-07@04:30

    Well.. I did it again and put in an asterisks (*) instead of a password..

    Now I’m back in to windows again!

    Thank you very very much!

  8. Raphaël 04-10-07@04:34

    Hmmm.. well.. that was to soon to be happy..

    I can’t change the password inside Windows now.. I tried changing it but Vista says the password can’t be changed and that I typed the current password wrong (while there’s no place to fill in a currect password since there isn’t one)..

  9. Raphaël 04-10-07@04:37

    Well it seems the password has been changed even though I got those errors..
    But it seems slower than before..

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  11. someone 29-12-07@04:45

    Okay, for some odd reason, whenever i try the ”winpass -u” part, it saids that i don’t even have a valid version of Vista installed even though i do…….

  12. Kavindu 04-01-08@10:55

    Please Give me Vista Ultimate Genuine key….Please Help me…My Mail Address kavindu1st@gmail.com

  13. Estevan Gonzalez 20-02-08@05:46

    Great Programs!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!
    This program does work and it does not have to be Vista Ultimate it also work for the othe versions too.

  14. xDESTROYAx 27-02-08@16:06

    with windows vista. once downloaded do u just use, the Burn to Disc button. (recordable disc) or is there a program u have to use to burn the disc some seperate way. im sick of using my guest account atm, where i can install nothing!! err!

  15. Dan Black 28-02-08@07:31

    I download the trinity resource kit 3.2 build 279 iso and burned to CD. When I turn on my HP laptop (vista ultimate) I can’t get the trinity program to load even when I disable the HD boot. ANy ideas?????

  16. Walker 29-02-08@03:28

    Hi Dan Black, just to confirm you’ve burnt yourself bootable / valid Trinity CD. Do you have problem to boot it up from other PC / Laptop? (If this is the case, most likely the CD is not bootable)

    In other way, do you able to boot up any other bootable CD (be it a bootable CD to install Linux, XP, 2000, 95, 98, Ubuntu, etc) on your laptop? (For this case, your Laptop BIOS setting caused it failed to boot)

    I coudn’t think of other reasons for why you couldn’t get it boot up.

  17. Katie 04-03-08@03:27

    hey i have forgotten my admin password and im really stuck on what to do. i cant download anything and my laptop didnt come with a backup disk. i tryed making one but it wouldnt work unless i was the administrator. I really dont know what to do, somebody please help. I have Windows Vista Home Basic.

    My e-mail address: xkatiex08@hotmail.co.uk

    If anyone knows anything that i could do then please e-mail me.


  18. Walker 04-03-08@04:40

    Trinity is able to help you (not the Trinity in Matrix).

    Get your friend to burn a copy of TRK and boot it up to reset the admin password.

  19. Krellep 04-03-08@10:37

    Hi, I’ve encountered a problem… The user on my PC is called “Krell Admin ”

    What do I do with the spaces? Just ignoring them haven’t seem to be working, neither have _ between em

    Thanks for this brilliant guide that might save my PC :D

  20. Katie 04-03-08@19:12

    What is this TRK?
    And what if i cant get a copy of it from my friends? is there anywhere else?


  21. Zkdog 04-03-08@22:15

    I am trying to reset it at work, however the administrator account is disabled and it wont let me reset when I get to the new password.

    Any ideas?

  22. Walker 05-03-08@09:13

    @Krellep, I’m not sure this will work but I guess it will – just double-quote the user id, i.e. “Krell Admin ”

    @Katie, the TRK download link written in the post.

    @Zkdog, suppose there is a Windows Registry key to enable/disable the administrator account, TRK built-in command is able to reset the Registry too.

  23. myk_atok 19-03-08@11:01

    @walker Re:@Zkdog, suppose there is a Windows Registry key to enable/disable the administrator account, TRK built-in command is able to reset the Registry too.

    how do you do that with TRK?

  24. Walker 20-03-08@10:02

    Please refer to the TRK manual

  25. em66 24-03-08@15:21

    Thanks sooooo much!!!! This totally worked and I can finally seeeeee my vista after like 15 days of trial and errors and after burning a LOT of ISO CD”s which never worked!!!

    u’re great!!! Really appreciate it!! Thanks again :D

  26. Carlos M.V. 31-03-08@04:04

    Thanks I’m gonna try this.

  27. Sakonis 04-04-08@22:18

    That’s work! Thank you :D I tried it with Windows Vista :) but i can’t resset password on XP with it. But never mind :D

  28. Dimitri 05-04-08@05:45

    YOU ARE ABSOLUTETLY BRILLIANT!!!!!!! That’s all I have to say. It worked beautifully on the first try. I had spent at least a good 7 hours today downloading, burning isos from other similar solutions but nothing worked. I was about to give up and call it quits when I stumbled upon your program at the last moment. You have made me and the person that I was trying to help get back into Vista very happy. I’ll try to get them to donate something or at least send you a bottle of ouzo!!!! Cheers!!!!

  29. Walker 05-04-08@14:30

    HI Dimitri, glad to know that you find this post useful.

    But, I must have to say this useful Trinity Rescue Kit is NOT my program! I merely write a note about the TRK.

  30. Wolfblade 23-04-08@03:57

    I´m having some problems with burning the dvd…
    I´m using MagicIso.
    Can someone give me the steps to burn the image iso (isolinux.bin) to a dvd?
    I really appreaciate it.


  31. Wolfblade 23-04-08@04:38

    Or is to burn the trinity-rescue-kit.3.2-build-279.iso?
    I´m a complete newbie in this of burning things and of TRK.
    Please try to answer soon.


  32. em66 24-04-08@01:03

    open Magic ISo
    click on tools–> Burn CD/DVD with ISO
    a box will open up and you’ll see that you have to load your file… so you browse and find the Image file (usually has a cd icon)
    and click on – Burn

    You have to burn the trinity rescue kit onto a cd first and then boot from it.

    Done! :)

  33. SJ 13-05-08@06:01


    My Dell Latitude does not have a CD/DVD drive so how can I get the TRK to work on the laptop?

    Will using an external CD/DVD drive, which connects via USB work?

    I look forward to hearing from you…


  34. Walker 13-05-08@10:52

    Hi SJ, if the Latitude BIOS supports booting from USB CD/DVD, then you could do that by changing the first boot drive option to USB CD/DVD.

    (I’m using Dell Latitude D410, but just too lazy to reboot it now, cause I’ve “tonnes” of stuffs working on now :-(

  35. SJ 13-05-08@22:26

    Thanks Walker, i’ll give that a try…

  36. Walker 14-05-08@00:18

    Hi SJ, I’ve just recalled that the TRK documentation mention the guide about booting from USB device…have a look.

  37. zoom 20-05-08@09:52

    hi i burned the ISO from the website but when i put in my computer and then reboot nothing happens do i have to log back in to an account and do the rest from there?

  38. Walker 20-05-08@21:48

    Hi zoom, “nothing happen” means you don’t get the TRK Linux prompt and the PC directly boot into Windows again?

    If that’s your case, then I suggest you to change BIOS boot option so that the 1st boot up device is confirmed set to CD/DVD-ROM (I suppose you’ve burnt the ISO image to a CD?).

  39. Freesurfer 22-05-08@15:40

    Thank you very much, i just came back from my friends house, and she is a happy camper, thank u Walker and Thank you to who ever wrote this very useful and dangerous program

  40. chinsey 01-07-08@01:23

    So I get to the option of selecting [1] and I have two options there. either option only takes me to a whole bunch of jargon with this question…

    Simple registry editor. ? for help.

    Now what? TRK doesn’t say much on this.

  41. Ben 15-07-08@22:14

    I got the same error as chinsey :( But I downloaded the beta version 3.3 and you told us to download 3.2 so I’m doing that right now. Thanks for the tutorial though! I’m gonna try it in 5 minutes, when the download is done =P

  42. chinsey 17-07-08@05:01

    Ha! After fiddling around with both options I found a prompt for four items… After resetting the ones that made sense it worked. Found that I had to do a hard reboot though as the program seemed to freeze after i did the initiate command. BUT guess what, this TRK works on Vista Business! HOOT HOOT!

  43. sp00k 05-09-08@08:57

    to use it on a usb disk use cmd cd to the trk3 dir then type “syslinux -ma I:” where I: is change to ur drive letter


  44. Oluwatosin Adeshokan 22-10-08@19:40

    I am not sure that this stuff works. I would like to know some other options

  45. richard 28-10-08@08:11

    ok so I type in winpass -u administrator

    i get these options

    1. /sda1
    2. /sda2

    choosing wither one of them does a bunch of wierd stuff your intstructions dont mention. option 1 sends me to simple registry editor and 2 does a bunch of wierd stuff, at one point i see the names of the accounts but sends me back to where i came from. halp!!!! im almost in tears. i hate vista. im only doing this to help friend, its not my pc

  46. richard 28-10-08@08:25

    ok so figured out what i was doing wrong (Administrator is case sensitive) i do exactly what your say rest to blank buy using the asterick but nothing happens

  47. richard 28-10-08@08:50

    im doing exactly as you say, i can change the passwords all day and its still not sticking when i reboot

  48. Lulu 07-11-08@15:56

    Thanks! It’s really work!
    But we must reset both admin if the computer had 2 administrator inside!
    Thanks again!

  49. Jinto 09-11-08@03:36

    i was able to reset password in windows vista basic in my system.. but was unable to reset password in windows vista premium edition on my friend’s sys when he forgot his login passsword.. please reply me with a valid option..

  50. phuc ngo 03-12-08@18:20

    I also reset successfully the password in Win Vista Home Basic today. Thanks for your guidance so much…. =(_^_)=

  51. tjbro 04-12-08@10:30

    hi there, im currently in the password recovery stage, im at the point where it asks me

    “Searching and mounting all file system on local machine
    Windows NT/2K/XP installation(s) found in:
    1: /hda1/Windows
    Make your choice or ‘q’ to quit [1]:

    In this case, type 1 and press ENTER or just hit ENTER key to accept the default value, i.e. [1].

    After I hit 1 it comes up with this

    “Simple registry editor ? for help”

    And im stuck there, I dunno what to do. pls help asap


  52. Walker 06-12-08@21:08

    Hi, is your problem solved?

    I am not sure which TRK version you’re using, or is the TRK image a genuine copy from http://TrinityHome.org, the winpass command shouldn’t bring you to registry editor.

  53. tjbro 07-12-08@04:43

    Hi, yes, the problem was because I didn’t realise the program is CASE SENSITIVE
    once I changed administrator to Administrator it work straight away.

    Thanks for the help, this program is bloody terrific! :-)

  54. Snipes 14-12-08@11:04

    gr8 software……..very simple to use and comprehensive….just made myself some £XXX .thanks

  55. Arthur C 07-01-09@06:05

    Hie guys. I would like to thank the TRK software developers. It has worked for me, but after a short struggle ofcause! However, i got help from you guys who send in comments and hints! I can also say to someone out there who might be in need of a hint, TRK is case sensitive, just like any other OS, so when you type in your comands, make sure they correspond to the instructions that you will have downloaded.

    Thanks once more!

  56. Walker 07-01-09@10:08

    I think most Windows-based users are potentially having case sensitive problem.

    Thank you Arthur C for reminding all of us.

    Bear in mind, TRK is a tiny Linux distribution and Linux is always case-sensitive, i.e. Root is not equal to root.

    So, if your Windows Vista account name is displayed as Administrator, don’t ever type administrator. Each of the characters must be in the same case.

    For related information:


  57. bufan 31-01-09@08:07

    I m having a problem of ‘canot find TRK’ when I boot from CD
    i mean it IS able to boot from cd and i see the TRK logo, but it does NOT go through all the way to end, it stop and showing the problem.

    thank you, i was just almost done

  58. Walker 31-01-09@12:15

    Did you download the TRK ISO image from original site?
    Is the MD5 checksum match?

  59. Jacob 07-02-09@05:18

    The recovery cannot find the user account, the name has a space in it! WHat do i do? please help.

  60. Jacob 07-02-09@05:20

    So the admin username is Orit Schreiber, yet when I just do winpass without “-u ‘username’ ” is does not work?

    Also I get 3 windows files, not 1?

  61. Walker 07-02-09@11:11
  62. Jacob 09-02-09@04:02

    Hmmm…it does work on Vista versions right? I am entering the correct cases as well.

    “Winpass -u Orit Schreiber” and it does not work, even after trying all 3 found files.

  63. Jacob 09-02-09@04:04

    Also, I dont think I have a dual boot machine, just a Dell XPS laptop, so why am I getting more than 1 search result?

  64. Walker 09-02-09@12:27

    Jacob, I believe you should type this command at TRK command prompt for your case:

    winpass -u "Orit Schreiber"

    The case is sensitive and the username with space should be enclosed with a pair of double quotation mark.

  65. Jacob 10-02-09@03:08

    Ooops, thanks.

    I will try that and report back if it still does not work.

    This trick does work with all Vista service packs, right?

  66. Sabrina 21-02-09@11:59

    This worked really good, thank you very much ^.^

  67. Ben 11-03-09@12:31

    Just wanted to say that I went through the entire process, everything worked fine, then when I restarted my computer, it won’t load Vista, it keeps going in a power cycle loop, even in safe mode. So I did the Vista Repair from my disk and it erased everything this program did. Anyone else having this problem at all?

  68. tan 10-04-09@15:52

    do u need to unzip the .iso file?
    because copied the .iso file to usb stick and selected the usb on the boot loader. when restarted, it said miss os.
    what shall i do?

  69. Walker 13-04-09@01:14

    @tan, you can’t simply copy the ISO file to USB drive. The ISO file is actually a CD image and thus you should burn the CD image to CDR and boot up with the CD.

  70. Miguel 24-04-09@05:35

    thanks it worked

  71. Thomas 07-05-09@13:42

    Help!!! I must be an idiot. I burnt the Trinity rescue CD 3.3:I opend the comp from the CD;typed the winpass -u Administrator :Accepted and entered 1 but I never get asked to change the pass word or if I really want to.I just get the [root@trk]:(~)#. It now says no such file or directory unable to open or read a hive exiting . I guess I pissed it off now what can I do short of scraping the whole thing and get another 1.thank you for any input you may have Tom

  72. michael 19-05-09@16:54

    which one are u abost to download because when i boot it , it does not go striaght to where i want it to go. can u help me thank you

  73. michael 19-05-09@17:00

    are u apose to download the Download Trinity Rescue Kit 3.2 build 279 iso from mirror at Tuxinator or Download Trinity Rescue Kit 3.2 build 279 iso from mirror at Garr or Download Trinity Rescue Kit 3.2 build 279 iso from mirror at OSU Open Source Lab (ftp) which one help these because they are in the same spot help help?

  74. john 07-06-09@20:49

    how do i boot the thing that i download plz tell me

  75. Walker 07-06-09@23:27

    You need to burn the TRK image file to a CD and boots it up.

  76. Derek 11-06-09@16:27

    If you get the registry editor choose 2 instead of 1 when prompted… worked for me

  77. john 18-06-09@14:17

    but walker i forgot my admin pass and will not let me boot it up.does boot means u restart ur computer then and press f2 or f4 to this start up page plz tell me i forgot my pass i need it bad.

  78. Walker 19-06-09@17:02

    The boot menu here refers to the TRK boot menu, as shown in the screenshot.

  79. Duke xXx 21-06-09@04:33

    Works like a charm. Thanks bro. Super cool si funciona…………!!!!!

  80. Mark 08-07-09@06:12

    Hi, I want to recover my password on my Windows 2000 and my laptop doesnt have CD drive nor the floppy disk. So I’m planning to use USB Hard disk. I tried to copy the ISO file but it says it cant detect the OS. After that I tried to copy the files from the ISO file but said the same thing. What should I do to make the booting work? :(

  81. Sagar 09-07-09@23:02

    I have forgotten my administrator password….Can u help me…What should i do…. I have an extra limited account but i am unable to do anything with it….please help me…Send me a mail plzzzz….

  82. sebastian 12-07-09@20:02

    I’ve download and burn to a CD, as soon as i boot the system with it, i type winpass -u Administrator as shown, but all i got is command and filename not recognized. I try to find the winpass command on the CD but couldn’t find one…

  83. joe 14-07-09@07:21

    I have tried the trinity rescue kit 3.3 to no avail. Every time I use the *, or I put in a new password it does not work. I take the cd out, and reboot my computer, and it still asks me for a password. Even the new password does not work. It does not even clear out the password when I use the *.

  84. okyfile 17-07-09@16:39

    It’s really work……
    Thanks god
    Thanks Walker

  85. cj 21-07-09@18:33

    i have an acont on my school’s computer but evry-thing is BLOCKED.
    i have done evry-thing hacks have told me but it dosn’t work.
    please find somthing that will work.

    thank you.

  86. Michelle 22-07-09@15:40

    I can’t believe it…I DID IT..this program works exactly as you said kutos to you

  87. jmans25 07-08-09@09:18

    THIS is why u should make a Win password reset disk!

  88. Nuno A. 07-08-09@23:18

    Thank You. Your guide worked like a charm. Great work!

  89. Fraz 01-09-09@15:36

    Thanks Guys, what a toolkit it is, simple and straight fw, it hardly takes 5 min to unlock the password

    thanks again

  90. Morris 26-11-09@22:57

    What do you do about mscd001 cdrom device driver errors when booting from the cd?

    I get the error and then DOS prompt.

  91. Tranquil Kaos 27-11-09@18:04

    FANTASTIC Product….. AND its Free.

    Thanks a lot guy/s and or girl/s for your hard work

    Quality ;)

  92. ronjersan 05-12-09@19:05

    This live cd is good its work Apple imac pc i appreciate it.. but thers any command or any other uses of this live cd?

  93. Roddy 30-01-10@01:19

    I have downloaded and burnt the TR kit on a cd abut i dont know how to run it from the system boot up. can you help?????

    The system is a hp compaq 6735s, please help me

    thank you very much.

    i am a student so i cant really afford to pay you for your software but i can pray for you.

    I have read through the help writes-up of other people, but there isnt any one that has a similar problem to mine.

    Expecting your reply soonest.

    Thank you.

  94. Walker 30-01-10@13:34

    I wonder can a corrupted ISO file be burnt onto CD/DVD-ROM?

    Anyway, please check the md5sum of the ISO file that you burnt. If you not sure what is md5sum, please Google it (and there is one or two posts about md5sum in this site as well).

    You may also try to create a bootable USB drive for TRK, which is also covered in this site.

    Good luck.

  95. Roddy 30-01-10@22:13

    its still not working

    the file i downloaded is the original version and i snot corrupted.
    i even downloaded and burnt another one.

    Please help!!!

  96. Walker 30-01-10@22:51

    If you are able to boot up from other bootable CD/DVD-ROM (e.g. Windows Vista bootable DVD-ROM), then your laptop 1st boot drive is already configured for the optical drive and confirm the wrong is at the TRK disk you have burnt (either the CD/DVD burning is not successful or the ISO is corrupted).

    For you info, the ISO file must be burnt to CD/DVD-ROM using the “burn image” feature (not the regular burn data disk function).

    If you are not sure what is this about, just Google. Or try to create a bootable TRK USB flash drive.

  97. Roddy 31-01-10@01:33

    i am trying that now, thank you.

  98. Josh Luongo 18-03-10@16:56

    Thanks it Worked!!

  99. LEE 31-03-10@01:27

    Thanks alot TRK! this program works even after all this time! Be sure to follow the above instructions carefully!,works on any user account! just replace Administrator with the user name! excellent program, after days of downloading crap that promises to work,but does not! this program is great and free! well done too the guys who programmed it! Kudos!

  100. Nico 03-04-10@00:40

    Worked exactly as described (with Windows Vista French), thanks a lot!

  101. rob 03-06-10@22:28

    i have toshiba windows vista home premium. i forgot my administrator password.this the a way to reset it or even restoring the computer with out it.

  102. sparkkkey 11-06-10@10:30

    Thanks for the help!
    The instructions worked for Vista Home.

    I was about to save off what I could and reformat.
    This doesn’t give me much faith in Windows security…..

  103. davon 15-07-10@01:53

    Hi I downloaded the software . and then i put the cd in my microsoft vista lap top and then restart it and nothing happens…….. any ideas??

  104. davon 16-07-10@05:38

    nevermind I got it to work… I dont no what the shit i did lol but when i logged and then back on it worked! THANK YOU … YOU A LIFE SAVER AND SAVED ME ALOTTA MONEY

  105. trey 23-07-10@23:32

    well I burned a copy of TRK 3.2 build 279. Followed the instructions and the prompts but when I turn the computer back on I cannot get back into windows vista ultimate. it keeps prompting me that the password is incorrect. HELP!!! lol

  106. trey 24-07-10@00:04

    check that. i was able to get in and all of the info is still on my hard drive to be backed up soon. thanks so much. I will spread the word. trey

  107. Ahmed 27-08-10@06:12

    hey geniuses i have a problem with resetting my password using this software. i have laptop satellite with windows vista installed and i forgot the password. i have burn the iso file made a dvd but when i run the program in boot system at one point it tells me that it can’t recognize cd and so it says “dropping to shell, stop booting” then it tells me to type a command where the cd might be located or the files of the cd any suggestions.

  108. Sonny 23-09-10@22:27

    Worked like a charm! I’ve tried countless of solutions and this is the only one that worked. Thank you.

  109. Jon 12-10-10@03:08

    Outstanding solution. Worked like a dream! I’ve tried so many other methods and this is the only one that worked. If you could see the smile on my eleven year old daughters face. Thank you so much.

  110. Phil 18-10-10@13:03

    “winpass” is not a valid command
    Now what?

  111. BryanT 25-11-10@00:44

    Fantastic piece of software. Was able to use it to reset the password for a laptop which hadn’t been accessible (due to password being lost) for months.

  112. Crystal 21-03-11@03:41

    Dude…the developer of this software deserves some sort of award lol! Apparently, I was locked out because of the numlock key, I guess. Because once I got back in thanks to TRK, I found that when I hit the letters, numbers were coming up instead and I had to turn the numlock key off in order for that not to happen. (Never noticed that the numlock key was off before lol) When I tried to log in, i tried both way and nogo, but who knows…it’s fixed now so YAY! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! God bless!

  113. Bryan 30-06-11@08:20

    Took me about 2.5 hrs to figure out how to use it …but I reset forgotten password on Vista ….definitly adding this to my tool box.

    My customer who is a Dr. and has important documents on his pc will be very happy.

    Tryed other software that did not work.

    Thank You…so much!

  114. Roger 23-10-11@01:48

    Howdy I have a friends cpu unlocked for her, Ive tried to put the iso to disk and usb with and with out iso2folder program and cant get it to boot to the TRK ive tried all the vers. from the web site and moved the usb and cd rom to boot first on the cpu… its a vista basic from gate way.. any suggestions on what im doing wrong? Thx

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