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Embed Adsense Between Posts In New Blogger

Last few days ago, Google introduced New Blogger-Adsense integration feature that known as Inline Ads or Inline Adsense for New Blogger templates!

Though it’s not a new or improved Adsense widget, this Blogger-Adsense integration feature allows New Blogger users to easily embed or show Adsense ads in between posts via a new option in the Blog Post widget setting page – Show Ads Between Posts!

However, it isn’t a perfect Blogger-Adsense integration that works for everyone!

First, unless you’re using the original New Blogger template, a highly customized New Blogger template might not show Inline Adsense by simply turning on the “Show Ads Between Posts” option.

Next, the option allows New Blogger users to specify how the Adsense ads should show up in between posts in term of iteration, but not the margin or position of displaying the ads!

For example, an indented posts design will end up with a rather ugly looks when you opt the option to embed or show Adsense between posts.

New Blogger template allows users to easily embed or display Adsense ads but not easily to control the display margin.

In order to fix the Inline Ads margin or position issue, you’ll have to edit the New Blogger template (the html source code) manually. For example, the snapshot (below) looks better after I control the margin or position of displaying the Inline Adsense for this New Blogger template.

Manually embed or show Inline Ads between posts in New Blogger template.

How to manually embed or show Inline Adsense between posts in New Blogger template with margin or position feature?

How to embed or show Inline Adsense between posts in New Blogger template?

Make sure you’ve successfully backup your existing New Blogger template source code before making changes.

Then, using the browser Search function to look for this line of code (the purple colour underline in the diagram above)
<h2 class='date-header'><data:post.dateHeader/></h2>

Next, insert these lines of code at two lines below the search target (the blue colour highlight in the diagram above). You might need to change the left margin (41px) or the right-margin (0px) of the DIV tag to something else that suit your New Blogger template design. The New Blogger If tag is to make sure the Inline Adsense ads show up in the index page (home page) only!
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
<div style='margin:0 0 0 41px;'>

Now, insert the “tweaked” Google Adsense code at here (the yellow colour line). Remember to replace the > and < characters (circled in green colour) with &lt; and &gt; respectively – the license to change Adsense code for advanced New Blogger users!

Make sure you only replace these two key characters of Adsense code for New Blogger template – Don’t change the Adsense code other than those speficy here! Otherwise, Adsense will ban you for tampering the Adsense code, and I won’t responsible for that! You can confirm the code is not tampered by validate the page source code with the Adsense generated code.

Lastly, close the New Blogger If tag and HTML DIV tag, i.e.

Save the changes you have made so far, go back to your New Blogger blog home page (index page) and press CTRL+F5 short cut key to force web browser reload the page from web server and not the local disk cache!

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  4. Kelly 25-07-08@13:32

    I have a layout that does not show the inline ads, so I tried your method…however, it did not work for me. I did exactly what you said…even went over it several times to make sure all the code was correct, but all I can see is a space where the inline ads are supposed to be. I have refreshed my page using CTRL + F5 and it still doesn’t work. The ad that I want inserted is like the one you have at the end of your post…just a link line. Any suggestions? Here’s the link: http://kellyvbrown.blogspot.com

    I’ll keep tryin’!


  5. Kelly 25-07-08@13:56

    Hi again. I finally got it to work! Yay! But it will only put ads after the first post. Granted, I have another unit at the top of the posts, but only that one. So it should at least put an ad after the first AND second posts, right? I’m sorry to be a pest. I just don’t know why this won’t work for me. I will check the code … again.

  6. LJP 15-04-09@07:35

    Thanks so much for this post. I didn’t realise I could just click the “after each post” adsense button. That was so easy!!

  7. fareedquraishi 24-06-09@13:48

    i have tried all the measures (selecting between the post after going into layout etc) but my blog is not showing up ads between the posts, can any body help me

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