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Real Classic Raiden-III Download From Rapidshare

UPDATE: I can’t control the integrity of file hosted elsewhere, so the links are removed. Am sorry!

When I found the Raiden-II download link at Rapidshare.com, I was really excited – Raiden-II used to my top favourite of arcade game during secondary school time!

Then, I found the Raiden-III download link too, but I was not amazed by this latest generation of Raiden. Except the name of Raiden, I don’t get the feel of familiarity about the Raiden jet fighters and style of fire-shooting! I think the clone that called Raiden-X flash game looks more attractive!

But, if not today, I couldn’t know I was wrong with a fake Raiden-3 download!

If not my dear college Jack showing off his new download of Raiden-III arcade game for Windows, I couldn’t know the real Raiden-III is so classic and modern! It’s really a next generation of Raiden Jet-fighters but looks familiar. New weapons and bombs, different Jet battles, amazing sound effects and absolutely catchy graphics!

A picture worths a thousand words – take a look of these screenshots of real Raiden-III arcade game playing on my Windows Vista Ultimate machine!

Screenshot of the real classic Raiden-III arcade game for Windows.Screenshot of the real classic Raiden-III arcade game for Windows.

Screenshot of the real classic Raiden-III arcade game for Windows.Screenshot of the real classic Raiden-III arcade game for Windows.

Screenshot of the real classic Raiden-III arcade game for Windows.

Thanks Jack who is kind to share with me his finding of Raiden-III download links at Rapidshare.com. Though, this Chinese version of Raiden-III might disappoint those who are not Chinese literate.

Also, it’s not a Unicoded version. But, my English version of Windows Vista Ultimate with Chinese MUI pack installed is just nice to support non-Unicoded Chinese software!

Anyway, here are the direct download links of Raiden-III arcade game for Windows (for your reference and testing the feel of real classic Raiden-III only!) – Raiden-3.zip, Raiden-3.z01, Raiden-3.z02 – download all to the same folder and extract the Raiden-3.zip file.

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  1. Walker 17-10-07@01:51

    This is another fastest download link for Raiden III arcade PC game (hosted at Filefront – better than Rapidshare.com)!!!

    UPDATE: Link removed due to security concern. Am sorry.

  2. robert 06-12-07@14:13

    i already download the raiden 3 (3 part)! but i cant extract the file why?
    please advise

  3. Walker 07-12-07@02:04

    There are non-unicode filenames which might have caused the extraction to fail. I’ve no problem in vista ultimate with mui pack install.

  4. Richard 10-01-08@17:02

    I followed the instructions but I get error message when I run the game, it say, Direct3d followed by some garbage values. I’m running windows XP.

    It also cannot run on my windows ME.

    I have the three files downloaded at rapidshare

    Help pls.

  5. Walker 11-01-08@03:42

    Richard, it’s most likely that your graphic card is not capable of playing this 3D game!

    (I’m using Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT with Vista Ultimate)

  6. Ivan 27-02-08@15:24

    it keeps having this error in extracting, i have vista ultimate btw

  7. Walker 27-02-08@21:02

    Hi Ivan, do you have problem extracting it or running the game?

    I noticed that even my office PC and laptops all can’t run this game as well, due to the low end graphics card.

    If it’s the extracting problem (from the spanned zip files), then I might have to look other sources (probabaly a true English version) to share with you guy.

    Or if anyone have a new links, please share them with me.

    Many thanks!

  8. yuen zhi an 10-03-08@19:16

    I must play Raiden3

  9. yuen zhi an 10-03-08@19:22

    I don’t like the game hang it

  10. PkSM3 04-04-08@01:28

    I’ve a Compaq Presario C700 with Intel graphics express 945GM (256 MB) and 1024RAM…
    I get error message when I run the game: Direct3d .-x.á.a.somethingblbala.

    Whats wrong?… My graphic video card must necesarly be ATI or nVIDIA?

  11. Walker 04-04-08@10:23

    Hi, do you able to play other 3D games with your laptop?

    The graphics card couldn’t be only ATI or nVidia but it must be fast/powerful enough, i.e. low end ATi/nVidia might fails to play the game too.

    Also, latest DirectX driver could be a factor as well.

    Can someone who have successfully played this game share your experience?

    As for myself, it’s fine on my Vista Ultimate machine (Core2Duo, Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT, 2GB RAM).

    However, the Dell Latitute D410 with Intel 915GM graphics card running XP SP2 failed to play the game – the same error message that you guys have seen.

  12. PkSM3 11-04-08@06:18

    I can play GTA San andreas, Quake 4 without any problem. My directX version is 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904).

    Shame… I played this awesome game when I was 10 years. ToT… I would like play it again…

    Thanks… See ya

  13. atti 11-04-08@19:52

    hi guys , it is amazing compared to the elder versions , i played raiden 3 after download with the keyboard , very hard to elude the massive bombing attacks .
    better play it with a joypad .
    i connected the joypad but when i tried to adjust the controller i got severe problems , the menues are in japanese or whatever , how can we use a controller and make the
    settings ? does anybody has an advice ?
    thanks !

  14. Walker 12-04-08@00:42

    Hi Atti, please refer to my next post, to attempt ‘translate’ the Japanese setting.

    I think with a proper setting, the keyboard is just nice enough to play this game – basically only 6 keys involve, i.e. moving up/down/right/left, fire gun, and release bomb!

  15. Translate And Configure Raiden III Setting – Walker News 15-04-08@00:48

    […] I’ve found a friend who can read Japanese to translate the Raiden-III configuration program, i.e. config.exe. Besides the settings page, he has also help to […]

  16. atti 15-04-08@14:18

    thanks guys , very kind of you !
    i really appreciate it !

  17. seth 16-04-08@03:46

    Im having trouble download the game from rapidshare. It says Im already downloading something when im not.

  18. dafater 20-04-08@05:05

    omfg, i entered the access code correctly n it still says access code wrong

  19. dafater 20-04-08@13:05

    hi, i downloaded the 3 parts, i extracted the zip thing, but i cant play, n it says the same thing most ppl above me dat r having “Direct3D’something'”. now i checked my comp, it has a 384MB of RAM, does dat mean i cant play a 3D game like this? plz reply

  20. Walker 20-04-08@13:39

    Hi Dafater,

    Sad to know that you couldn’t play the game after downloading the files for so many hours.

    According to its official requirement, (see my earlier post), the graphics should be

    DirectX-compatible graphic card with at least 64MB of RAM and support hardware texture acceleration for texture and lighting (e.g. ATI Radeon 9000 or later nVidia GeForceFX)

    At the Command Prompt or Run dialog box, type dxdiag to bring up the Windows DirectX Diagnostic Tool, go to Display tab and check if the graphics card support AGP Texture Acceleration (directx feature) – if this feature disabled, that’s the reason why the Raiden-III failed to play.

    (I would be really appreciated if some of you able to beat this trouble)

  21. dafater 20-04-08@13:48

    may i ask where the Command Promt is, i have seen that many times on other sites but i don’t know where or what it is, plz do tell.

  22. Walker 20-04-08@23:03

    Dear Dafater,

    The Command Prompt window can be brought up with these simple steps:

    Click the Vista Orb or Windows Start button

    For Vista, just type cmd.exe in the Start Search and press ENTER key

    For 2000/XP, click the Run menu and type cmd.exe in the Run dialog box and press ENTER key

    You will see a black color window – the Windows Command Prompt window.

    Hope that help you. For more info, please click here for all posts related to Command Prompt.

  23. dafater 21-04-08@02:43

    ok thx mate, u the best :). ill try it later, cuz i need to go bad. i hope it will work

  24. dafater 21-04-08@03:04

    o dam, the AGP Texture Acceleration says “Not Available”. does dat mean i cant play with this comp 4ever?

  25. Walker 21-04-08@12:15

    I’m afraid the answer is yes…

  26. dafater 21-04-08@13:09

    nooooo. dam. say do u hav the link for the original Raiden(I)? cuz its hard to find it, i found 1, but cant play it, n no instruction 4 it either. if u kno it, plz put it up or anything. thank u very much

  27. CaiNine 20-05-08@16:29

    Hey, running a modern xp sp2 comp with all the language packs and stuff i can find installed. I am, however, still getting the direct 3D error and it comes up in jibberish.

    Comp Specs:

    1GB Ram
    Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS
    AMD 4400+ X2

    Dont think my comps performance is the problem. Also, as i am a TOTAL deliquent at such things, are the installers in the release meant to work? i get the following errors:

    InstMsiA.Exe – Wrong OS or OS version for application

    InstMsiW.Exe – Wrong OS or OS version for application

    Setup.Exe – This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package

    Setup.msi – This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package

    When i run raiden3.exe i get the direct 3D error in jibberish.

    Any help would be greatly appriciated. Really love this game and wont give up on trying to play it!!!!

  28. Walker 20-05-08@20:30

    Hi CaiNine,

    I’d written a new post to translates the Japanese characters.

    The Error dialog box prints Direct3D something is mean “failed to initialize direct3D” (as what my friend translated it).

    But, I am certainly agree with you that your PC specs is more than enough for this game.

    And you don’t have to bother about setup files, just double-click the Raiden3.exe file to start the game-play (while config.exe is the configuration console).

    Do you find any errors or DirectX features disabled in dxdiag.exe display tab?

  29. CaiNine 21-05-08@05:40

    Hi, Thanks for the speedy response.

    Everything is working 100% in my direct x installation. I have downloaded 3 different versions of Raiden 3 now and all have the same error message. None of them have a file called config.exe. it may just be that i am missing that one file. Let us know if you want me to throw up some screen shots of my file listings / directx settings!

    I have searched the net for hours and apparently no one else is having the same problem. I am completely stumped!

    Thanks again.

  30. Walker 21-05-08@23:05

    Hi there, I’ve just zipped and deleted the config.exe file to test raiden.exe, and confirm it works.

    So, I don’t think config.exe causes your errors, anyway.

    After “simplified” the folder, only the following files exist (but, I am still able to play the game). For your reference, these are the files and their MD5 checksum:

    D:\raiden3 >

    advance.dat         b4245163a72c16c60da30e0cf9a2e061
    hiscore.dat           a5a8103fdaf462eeaa2dc77b73ac203e
    Raiden3.exe         01f3228831916bea32aae5fc4da1b830
    setting.dat             89482ac8641940bbb27c2f1cf3d734d5
    winenv.dat             22338e6d44b1103e8ecbfda1f69e0e08

    D:\raiden3\super >

    advance.dat         b4245163a72c16c60da30e0cf9a2e061
    hiscore.dat          a5a8103fdaf462eeaa2dc77b73ac203e
    Raiden3.exe        01f3228831916bea32aae5fc4da1b830
    setting.dat            89482ac8641940bbb27c2f1cf3d734d5
    winenv.dat            22338e6d44b1103e8ecbfda1f69e0e08

    D:\raiden3\data >

    m000.bin              7cbd1695756ef052fce550d70ee410c5
    m001.bin              5acd072a3b48facad7386f1a915f40ac
    m002.bin              645539790b3d60be5d0fd05b5f11df72

    If you get an error dialog box that says something about direct3d, I think the drivers (display or directx) that have cause it.

    Just to confirm again, do you see any features disabled in the “Display” tab after executing dxdiag.exe?

  31. chupux 02-06-08@16:20

    I have extracted all of the files…
    but when i try play it i can’t see the picture
    i only can hear the sound…
    so plz can anyone help me ?

  32. ViolentAJ 31-07-08@12:48

    How did you extract the files? I’m running Windows XP SP2. I have the Japanese IME installed, and I have tried changing my regional settings to japanese but to no avail. Are there any solutions to unzipping the files?

  33. Walker 31-07-08@22:18

    Hi dude, try Power Archiver!

    My friend told me that he coundn’t unzip the files with WinZip and WinRar. But, I was able to unzip the files with Power Archiver.

    You may try and confirm that for me.

  34. ViolentAJ 01-08-08@16:38

    I tried it. It worked very well!

    Fun game hehe.

  35. roy jones jr 08-08-08@11:45

    anyone know where to get the music soundtrack for raiden 3 to download? Ive searched & searched!

  36. vix 28-04-09@13:49

    hi, i also had the same problem with direct3d, i’m using windows xp profesional and my agp texture acceleration is not available.
    after checking around the net, i’ve found out that my chipset is still using the old driver, so i upgrade the chipset. after i reboot my notebook, everything is better and i can play this game i’ve waited to play for so long.
    hope you guys find it helpfull

  37. JB 06-05-09@09:48

    Hey downloaded all 3 parts, put them in a folder and tried extracting the zip file and it keeps asking me to:

    Please insert disk number 1 of the spanned zip file into drive C:

    what do i do bout that. thanks

  38. ninja9 10-05-09@19:06

    i had problem to play initially but after updating the directx and driver of the display card…all problem gone…hope that help..

  39. dafater 12-06-09@12:14

    hey dude, i heard raiden iv is coming to north america. also, got new comp, n i think im gona be able to play the third one

  40. dafater 14-06-09@11:34

    omfg i still cant play it, even with the new comp……

  41. Ryan 09-08-09@04:27

    I downloaded the zip file from Rapidshare but cant extract anything it says file corrupt is there somewhere else i can get the download from ?

  42. zygov 26-09-09@21:35

    I use intel GMA950 and dxdiag said that agp texture acceleration is available. But, i still got direct3d problem. Pls, if anybody can give a clue to solve the problem…

  43. zygov 26-09-09@21:42

    i forget to mention that i’ve tried to use compatibility with XP, win 2000 etc, but still got error. I use vista on compaq presario, dual core and 3GB memory. VGA as i mentioned above. pls, if anybody can help me

  44. TooCool 29-09-09@01:57

    Dear walker,
    i’ve succesfully downloaded 3 files..n it’s work..
    Question is, i’ve tried running this program just with raiden-3.zip only, n working… so what is the function of raiden-3.z01 n raiden-3.z02 files????
    are they just useless files…???
    need explaination… THANX…

  45. Walker 29-09-09@02:02

    Wow, I didn’t realize you could play it with only the first zip file. Then I believe the 2nd and 3rd is the level files, i.e. you might not able to proceed to level 3, for example, as the files for level 3 and above are not there :-)

  46. TooCool 29-09-09@02:22

    Hehehe… indonesian people said “ooooo….begitu toh…” ;)
    i see.. crystaly clear…
    Thanx for express explaination reply…
    Thanx for the link.. i’m so excited found this game.. feels liked 10years old boy anymore..;p
    Thanx 4 all… n success 4 u..

  47. Jimmy 10-01-10@07:07

    I was having extraction problems but i got that Power Archiver program and it extracts fine.
    Game is awsum and all menus are in english for me :)
    thanks alot for the link

  48. Man 24-07-10@09:31

    Hi….i have download this file complete, but i cann’t play this game because this game need a CD.

    Can Anyone help my problems ?….please

  49. ChrismartinVFFUFC2 23-01-11@13:30

    runs smooth as glass for me. after i traded in my PS2 version of this game i began to miss it. then i found this and i must say it is an awesome conversion.

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