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How To Disable Vista Error Reporting Feature

Windows Vista comes with a Windows Error Reporting (WER) program called Problem Reports And Solutions.

Depend on its configuration, this program will automatically collecting various Windows errors and silently sending the details to Microsoft dedicated servers. Once the problem is identified and found with a matching solution, it will display the Windows Update links or relevant steps to resolve the problem.
With the help of Problem Reports And Solutions program, I’ve just managed to fix the PowerPoint 2007 hangs up problem whenever attempt to open a PowerPoint Slide Show with sound effects.

So, I think it’s a nice feature that should have been turned on – at least for now, as there are still many Vista-incompatible issues among Windows drivers and applications!

As for the sake of security concerns, you can always try to do some researches before committing the solution feedback by Microsoft via the Problem Reports And Solutions program.

But, I believe most users who want to disable or turn off WER feature are afraid of Microsoft will silently retrieving sensitive and private information along with Windows errors information sending to their servers, regardless the claims of its privacy agreement.

So, how could you disable or turn off Windows Vista Error Reporting feature or the Problem Reports And Solutions program?
  1. Click the Windows shortcut key or Vista Orb button to bring up the Vista Start menu,
  2. Type problem in the Start Search text box and click the Problem Reports And Solutions shortcut in the Program list,
  3. On the left pane of Problem Reports And Solutions window, locate and click the Change Settings option,
  4. It’s recommended to “Check for solutions automatically and Notify you if you can take steps to solve a problem”. Otherwise, select the option “Ask me to check if a problem occurs”.
  5. If you want to totally disable the WER functions, click the Advanced Settings link and set the “For my programs, problem reporting is:” option to OFF.
    You may also disable Windows Error Reporting functions for all Vista user accounts – click the Change Setting button of “For all users and programs, problem reporting is set to:” option to OFF!

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  1. dc 10-09-09@21:18

    Thank you so much for this. SImple, clear and effective., So much better than the other solutions I’ve come across.:)

  2. Dom 15-01-10@23:33

    Top notch explanation. Better than MS help pages.

  3. Raghav 27-04-16@22:06

    Thank you for providing clear steps.

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