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Using Site Search Keywords As Technorati Tags

In a default WordPress installation, each of the categorized posts will be tagged to Technorati.com, with respect to the category keywords being used.

Having say that, this post that I’m writing now will be tagged or indexed to Technorati.com using the [Internet] and [HowTo] keywords, which are used to categorize this post in WalkerNews.net.

On top of that, Technorati.com is also tagging this post with these keywords – [Tag], [WordPress], [Technorati], [Site Search], [Ping], [Indexing] and [SEO].

According to Technorati Support article, there are two ways to tag a published work to Technorati tag pages – be it a video, picture, article, sound clip, etc:
  1. As long as the weblog tool supports Categories system and RSS/Atom feeds, each of the categorized posts will be tagged by Technorati.com. WordPress is absolutely one of these Technorati-friendly weblog tool!
  2. Whenever a published post ping to Technorati.com (automatically or manually), each of the hyperlink of keywords that ENDED with a rel="tag" attribute will be used to tag or index the post in Technorati.com as well.

Hence, WalkerNews.net is using both methods to tag each of the posts to Technorati.com, i.e. via WordPress Categories system and the rel="tag" attribute of the hyperlinks anchor text.

I believe every WordPress users has no problem in using the WordPress Categories system. But the rel="tag" method might be a little bit tricky, at least to me!

For example, the rel="tag" attribute must appears in the right position – you might need to disable WordPress Visual Editor in order to tag the WordPress blog post to Technorati tag pages via the rel="tag" attribute.

It’s also not necessary to have the direct links of Technorati tag pages as what I’ve done all this while. Just recently, I’ve made changes to tag the keywords that pointing to WalkerNews.net Site Search links. In this case, both WalkerNews.net and Technorati.com site search users will able to locate articles that are likely relevant to the search terms.

How to tag WordPress posts to Technorati.com via rel=”tag” attribute?

As said, just add the rel="tag" attribute to the keywords hyperlink in the correct position, as shown in the following examples. You might also need to disable Visual Editor for this to work.

As with WordPress Categories, the keywords which will be used as tag name must be as short and descriptive as possible. If a keyword has to be in multiple words, link them together with + sign in the hyperlink.

Direct links to Technorati.com

<a href="http://technorati.com/tag/energy+crisis" rel="tag">Energy Crisis</a>
<a href="http://technorati.com/tag/linux" rel="tag">Linux</a>

Tag the hyperlinks of WordPress Site Search keywords

<a href="http://www.walkernews.net/?s=windows+vista" rel="tag">Windows Vista</a>
<a href="http://www.walkernews.net/?s=wordpress" rel="tag">Wordpress</a>

Replace WalkerNews.net blog URL with yours

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  1. BeachBum 12-08-07@20:26

    Nice post. On one of my BLOGs I started testing the Technorati format linking to my site with the rel tag. So far so good. Now I don’t understand why bloggers would want to send people off their site when clicking on a tag link. I would rather provide them the info myself.


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