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Add Copy To Or Move To Context Menu In Vista

A raw diamond is priceless without cutting. So as some wonderful hacks could make Microsoft billion dollar Windows Vista looks better than its out-of-box status!

For example, a simple Registry hack is able to copy or move files and folders to another directory with a right-click context menu.

How to add a Copy To Folder or Move To Folder context menu in Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista?
The two special Registry GUID keys that add Copy To Folder and Move To Folder context menu in Windows Vista

Simple Windows Registry hack to add Copy To and Move To context menu in Windows Vista.How to add a Copy To Folder or Move To Folder context menu in Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000?

As shown in the Vista Registry Editor snapshot (above), all you need is to create that two highlighted GUID keys at this Registry path:

where the GUID key of “Copy To Folder” context menu is

and the GUID key of “Move To Folder” context menu is

So far, I’ve confirmed that these two special GUID keys are working well on Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista Ultimate.

For Windows Vista, you can simply copy and paste these one-line Reg.exe commands (Registry Console Tool) in an elevated privilege Command Prompt window:

To add Copy To Folder context menu
reg add HKCR\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\{C2FBB630-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13} /f

To add Move To Folder context menu
reg add HKCR\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\{C2FBB631-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13} /f

After applying these Registry hack, the Copy To Folder and Move To Folder options will appear in the context menu, whenever you right-click on files or folders. The corresponding Copy Items or Move Items dialog box (below) will pop up for you to select the destination!

How to add Copy To Folder or Move To Folder context menu in Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000?

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  1. Walker 27-07-07@23:11

    This morning, I’ve tried these Registry Hack on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, and confirm it’s working fine too!

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  6. overstressed admin 22-05-08@09:38

    Thanks! Been looking for something like this. I was missing Send to X from XP.

  7. MaikUniversum 18-10-09@07:58

    It’s working on Windows 7 Ultimate too :)

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