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Mobile DVD Or Samsung Q1P SSD UMPC

If you’re looking for mobile computing, Laptop or Tablet PC is definitely the right choice. But, if you’re looking for mobile DVD player, you might want to consider paying more for an Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) such as Samsung Q1P SSD UMPC.

Measuring only 8.96″ x 0.97″ x 5.49″ and 779g (above), Samsung Q1P is “very” nice to keep in girls’ handbag or backpack (for guys). Excluding DVD/CD optical drive, Samsung Q1P is a truly mechanical-free UMPC as a 32GB SSD (Solid State Drive) replaces the traditional IDE or SATA hard disk drive.

If price is not a factor of purchasing, Samsung Q1P SSD UMPC is attractive than a mobile DVD, as it is built with Tablet PC or Laptop computer functionalities and 32GB SSD mechanical-free hard disk.
Samsung Q1P SSD UMPC with 32GB SSD mechanical-free hard disk

Hence, there is no worry of “hard disk” bad sectors or huge power consumption that will shorten battery reserve. One will find peace of mind to bring along Samsung Q1P on adventurous trekking and expedition! Of course, you can’t directly compare Samsung Q1P with those military class mobile computer, such as Dell Latitute ATG (All-Terrain Grade) D620.

Technically, Samsung Q1P UMPC is built with equivalent functionalities of Tablet PC or Laptop. Though, an UMPC is for sure not practical and comfortable for long hours mobile computing needs such as hardcore programming and debugging.

However, it’s perfectly for leisure computing with rich entertainment features for travelling on vocation or daily commuting to and fru office!

With the Samsung Q1P UMPC, I don’t have to bring a relatively bulky and heavy laptop in the luggage, but I’m still able to write blog, compose email, surfing Internet, making VOIP call via Skype, chatting via IM on Meebo or MSN, conduct remote surveillance, participate video conferencing, watching Youtube, playing my favourite Raiden and flash game, storing digital photos and videos that taking along the journey, watching streaming video or Quicktime movie, online banking and transaction, etc!

So, it’s better to get one UMPC than a Tablet PC or Laptop during vocation and daily commuting, when that’s the time for leisure stuff and NOT the hardcore programming or office works!

At this moment, an UMPC is not cheaper than most Dell Inspiron Laptop and is more expensive than most mobile DVD player. But, I’m still prefer a truly risk-free and ultra mobile PC, such as this Samsung Q1P SSD UMPC! Anyway, it’s a bit disappointed that Samsung Q1P is lacking some of most wanted features too:
  • No VGA and S-Video port for higher display resolution. Otherwise, you can watch video playback on a TV set in hotel.
  • No TPM module to safeguard data security and integrity.
  • No finger print reader to easily and securely log on operating system.
  • No built-in Webcam except using an external USB Webcam.
  • No IEEE 1394 (Firewire) port for non-USB peripherals.

P/S: Refer to official site for Samsung Q1P SSD UMPC full technical specification.

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