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Simple JavaScript Extract Login Form Password

To the geeks, this is nothing new, but it’s great for new comers! If you’ve lost or forgotten web service login passwords stored in the web browser password manager, such as IE7 AutoComplete or Firefox Remembered Password / Master Password, don’t be panic and proceed to reinstall IE7 or Firefox! If someone ask you to reinstall, remember him and understand his motif!

Reinstalling IE7 or Firefox will NOT restore your forgotten or lost password. Indeed, reinstallation will make the lost passwords become permanently unrecoverable (unless you recall it in dream)!

How to extract lost password stored in web browser password manager, such as IE7 AutoComplete or Firefox Remember Password?
A simple JavaScript can easily extract or recover your lost or forgotten login passwords stored in the web browser password manager.

As long as you can still login to web services (Gmail, Live Mail, Blogger, WordPress, etc), but just that you cannot remember the real password behind those asterisk (e.g. ***), here is a simple JavaScript snippet to resolve the small matter in a second!

First, make sure the Internet Explorer (IE7) or Firefox 2.x allowed to run JavaScript. Next, proceed to the web services login page and type the user ID to attempt login the web service. Once you’ve seen the web browser remembered password appearing in asterisks, stop the login process and let the asterisks kept inside the password field.

Now, copy and paste the following JavaScript snippet to the web browser Address bar, press ENTER key gently and that’s your forgotten password that decrypted from the asterisks!
javascript:password=decrypt();function decrypt(){var passwd,loginform,j,f,i;passwd = '';loginform = document.forms;for(j=0; j<loginform.length; ++j){f = loginform[j];for (i=0; i<f.length; ++i){if (f[i].type.toLowerCase() == "password"){passwd += f[i].value + "\\n";}}}if (passwd != ''){alert("Login password cracked by Javascript:\\n\\n" + passwd);}else{alert("No login password found by javascripts!");}}

Copy and paste this JavaScript Snippet into web browser and press ENTER key to retrieve login password behind the asterisks.

If someone is interested in the JavaScript snippet, take this coding for reading pleasure:


function decrypt(){
   var passwd,loginform,j,f,i;

   passwd = '';
   loginform = document.forms;

   for(j=0; j<loginform.length; ++j){
      f = loginform[j];
      for (i=0; i<f.length; ++i){
         if (f[i].type.toLowerCase() == "password"){
            passwd += f[i].value + "\\n";

   if (passwd != ''){
      alert("Login password cracked by JavaScript:\\n\\n" + passwd);
      alert("No login password found by JavaScript!");

This JavaScript snippet is supposed rendering nicely with CSS hack on PRE tag

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