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Filter And Disable Non-Microsoft Services

Windows services are mostly windows-less binary programs that are running in the background to provide specific functionalities. Hence, Windows services are normally known as background processes too.

The Windows Services Manager will automatically execute services upon Windows startup in accordance to respective services setting and terminate them properly upon Windows shutdown.
As these are background processes that most users will not interact with or aware of their execution, it’s better to regularly find out what are the Windows services that are running automatically upon Windows startup and filter those non-Microsoft Windows services to rule out malware or trojan running as background processes via Windows Services Manager.

The find out what are the Windows services that execute automatically in Windows Vista and Windows XP, just type services.msc in the Run command or Vista Instant Search text-box to open up Windows Services Manager. For convenient of reading, simply click the Status tab or Startup Type tab to sort them out in ascending/descending order.

In order to find out or filter out non-Microsoft Windows services, you can rely on Windows System Configuration tool that bundled with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

At the Windows Run command prompt or the Start Search text-box of Vista Instant Search, type msconfig.exe to open up System Configuration tool. Then, click on the Services tab and tick the check-box of “Hide All Microsoft Services” to easily locate all non-Microsoft Windows services. If you find some potential malware / trojan alike services installed in Windows, proceed to disable them accordingly.

Using msconfig.exe or System Configuration tool to find out non-Microsoft services and disable those potential malware trojan services.

Note, while non-Microsoft services might be potential malware or trojan processes, not meaning that Genuine Microsoft Windows services are all safe to execute automatically!

There are many third party security software or networking servers used to run as Windows services and startup automatically, such as Kaspersky Internet Security and WinSSH server in my office PC! Obviously, I won’t bother to disable them.

While Microsoft Windows services are trusted by default, some of them might pose security threats or wasting system resources if the services are not needed at all, such as Remote Registry, Server (Windows resources sharing), etc.

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