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Block Website From Live Search Preview

Microsoft introduces Live Search Preview and MSN Search Preview feature for selected countries and regions.

On top of regional restriction, only the top six Live Search results will be displayed as thumbnail images or previewed in the Live Search Preview result page, as those in the snapshot above.

How to prevent your website from Microsoft Live Search Preview that potential top up your hosting bandwidth usage?
According to its official site, Live Search Preview is only available on certain countries and regions at this time being. It’s not clear which countries or regions are exactly in the coverage.

If you’re a webmaster or blogger and not comfortable with it (afraid of bandwidth theft or whatsoever reasons), Microsoft provides following tricks to block or prevent your own websites from Live Search Preview or MSN Search Preview feature.

Though Microsoft assure that doing so will not affecting the page ranking (in Live Search) or filtered out from normal Live Search results, I don’t see the reasons of preventing my WalkerNews.net websites from Live Search Preview. If you do, feel free to comment, and I’ll appreciate it.

How to prevent websites from Live Search Preview?
  • To block the entire website or blog from Live Search Preview, add these two lines to your robots.txt file:
    User-agent: searchpreview
  • To block only specific web pages or blog posts from Live Search Preview, add this one-line meta tag to header portion of the web pages that you don’t to be previewed:
    <meta name="robots" content="noimageindex,nomediaindex"/>

Please take note that these changes will not effective immediately. You’ll only notice the changes after the Live Search Preview web crawlers revisit the affected pages or websites again. So, be patient, as the Rome wasn’t built in one day too!

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