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Vista Preview Pane VS Detail Pane Revisited

Last two months on May, I’d wrote about Windows Vista Explorer Preview Pane VS Detail Pane, but there are some mistakes in that post.

To turn on or enable Windows Vista Explorer Preview Pane and Detail Pane, click the Organize button on the top-left corner of Vista Explorer follow by Layout menu, as shown in the snapshot.
Press Windows + E to open up Windows Explorer or Computer Explorer in Windows Vista, click on the Organize drop-down menu button, locate the Layout sub-menu, and choose the available pane to customize your own Windows Explorer visual appearance.

Vista Explorer Preview Pane VS Details Pane – Revisited

Preview Pane

The Vista Explorer Preview Pane allows users to directly preview a selected file content of certain file types inside the Vista Explorer dedicated sidebar. Currently, file formats that can be rendered in Vista Explorer Preview Pane includes Adobe PDF documents, Microsoft Office documents, ASCII text files, pictures, movies, web pages.

The document preview of supported file format is not limited to static content. Meaning that, the Vista Explorer Preview Pane is able to play animated content directly, such as movie, flash video, GIF, shockwave flash game embedded inside Excel document, etc.

However, the Vista Explorer Preview Pane will not work if the respective program that open the file has not been properly installed in Windows Vista. Meaning that, Vista Explorer Preview Pane will not able to render a PDF preview, unless the Adobe Reader or similar PDF reader has been installed successfully!

The resolution of the Vista Explorer Preview Pane is not fixed. Hence, it can be dynamically re-sized to fit the original file resolution. As such, the Vista Explorer Preview Pane won’t be much useful at most of the time, except enabling it on a large wide-screen LCD monitor.

Similar to Windows Sidebar, the Vista Explorer Preview Pane is also a system resources sucker! Without a computer specification higher than Vista Premium class, Vista Explorer will be less responsive when it trying to render the preview of a really large document, especially PDF document with 3D images or Office document with embedded objected.

Windows Vista Preview Pane VS Detail Pane.
An Microsoft Word 2007 documents is being render inside the Vista Explorer Preview Pane

Details Pane

Unlike Preview Pane, the Vista Explorer Detail Pane only rendering a fixed thumbnail size of document preview for selected file type, mostly are static view of picture and movie files.

The main function of Vista Explorer Details Pane is to display a set of common file attributes without right-clicking the file, in order to read file properties such as file name, file size, file type, date modification and creation.

On top of that, it’s also a convenient place to edit meta information and tags of certain file types, such as pictures, movies, Microsoft Office documents, etc.

The meta information and tags are good idea to categorize and index a group of files, as well as useful for Vista Instant Search to efficiently locate relevant information as you typing a search term.

For example, the closed-up snapshots of a sunflower in the backyard taken on this summer should be tagged as “sunflower; backyard; 2007; summer”. Without using the tags, the picture file name might be really lengthy in order to keep them as descriptive as possible!

As long as digital pictures are properly tagged, Vista Instant Search can precisely search and retrieve all sunflower pictures taken on last summer in the botanic garden if you’re typing “2006 botanic sunflower” as the search term. The set of sunflower pictures that tagged as “sunflower; backyard; 2007; summer” will not be explicitly shown in the search list. Please take note that if the digital pictures are not kept in Vista common indexing location, you need to index it first before Vista Instant Search able to locate them.

Windows Vista Detail Pane display file attributes and editable meta tags that are useful for Vista Instant Search function to efficiently locate piece of information out of local hard disk as the user typing the search term.
The Vista Explorer Details Pane display file attributes and allows users to conveniently update meta information and tags of certain file type.

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