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Vista Instant Search VS Windows Run Command

For those who have been using Google Desktop Search or Windows Desktop Search, the Vista Instant Search is not a new dimension of information searching concept! Indeed, you can consider Vista Instant Search as a graduation of Windows Desktop Search!

For the first time, the Windows Desktop Search is built-in to all Windows Vista editions, which Bill Gates calls it Vista Instant Search!

How to restore Windows Vista Run menu?
The powerful Vista Instant Search – Click the Vista Orb and start searching as you typing the search term in the Start Search text box

For the convenient in mind, Vista Instant Search allows users to click the Vista Orb and immediately start typing search term in the Start Search text box! You don’t have to click the Start Search text box, as it’s automatically in the focus for keyboard input whenever the Vista Start menu pop up. The powerful Instant Search will display all relevant information found in the local computer system as you typing the search term!

Windows Run command vs Windows Vista Instant Search - which is better?

As shown in the snapshot above, the Instant Search returns a list of programs, Internet Explorer Favorites or recent browsing histories, local files, Windows Contacts, Windows Mail messages, saved Instant Messages, Outlook appointments, etc!

You don’t have to remember the file name or create date, just any keywords in the file content or tags attached with the file will do. The Vista Instant Search can immediately locate the expected information by comparing the search terms with its indexes of local file and content.

For example, if you want to change or tweak Vista Power Options, to open Microsoft Power Point, to execute Microsoft Power Shell, or searching a IE7 Favorites that contain the “power” keywords, etc – just click the Vista Orb and type power in the Start Search. Once you’ve located the return item in the search list, just double-click to open the file or execute the program!

Isn’t it easier than you have to exactly spell out the program file name in the Windows Run command dialog box or the earlier Windows XP Search function window?

Personally, I find the Vista Instant Search extremely convenient and useful than the conventional Windows Run command or earlier Windows Search function in Windows 2003, Windows XP, and its predecessors!

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