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How To Disable Windows Vista Run Command

Since Windows 95, the Windows Run command has been one of the common components in the Start menu.

It exist to allows user executing a Windows program without open up the Command Prompt window or browse through the Start menu or Windows Explorer, as long as the program specified can be found in the common paths or paths in the %PATH% environment variable!

How to restore Windows Vista Run menu?
Windows Vista Run command can be disable or turn off from the Vista Start menu

However, the Run command is gradually becomes less important in Windows Vista with the introduction of Instant Search feature! In fact, it’s an optional command that user can explicitly turn it on or off.

Windows Run command vs Windows Vista Instant Search - which is better?

If you’ve accidentally turned off or disabled the Run command in Windows Vista and miss it so much later, following are the steps to turn it on again. Likewise, you may purposely turn off or disable the Run command in Windows Vista start menu too:
  1. Right-click the Vista Orb (the new Vista Start button) and select Properties to bring up the Taskbar And Start Menu Properties dialog box,
    The new Windows Vista Start button - Vista Orb!
  2. In the Start Menu tab, either the Start Menu or Classic Start Menu option is selected. Either way, click the Customize button, locate and disable / enable check-box that labelled as Run Command (if Start Menu option is selected) or Display Run (if Classic Start Menu is selected).
  3. Click OK to close the dialog box, and DONE!

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