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Download iPhone Ringtone For Nokia N73

Eventually, the most expected Apple iPhone has successfully hit the store on last Friday, 29th of June!

Apple Inc iPhone is dubbed as a revolutionary smartphone at the earlier of 21st century!

The most expected Apple iPhone which dubbed as a revolutionary smartphone at the earlier of 21st century.Steve Jobs dream of finding at least one Apple gadget in everyone pocket might be materialized soon after the successful launch of iPhone in the US territories, but not that soon for the rest of regions around the world.

Anyway, it’s not too bad if you can install some original iPhone ringtones on your Nokia N73 (or any other non-Apple iPhone), before Apple Inc is ready to sell its next profit-sucker at outside of US!

I found Jason Romero via My Digital Life that said have ripped off the so-called original iPhone ringtones for everyone, as long as your cellphone supports MP3 format of ringtone!

With much curiosity and excitement, I’ve downloaded them to try on my Nokia N73. To be frank, I can’t tell that these are really the genuine iPhone ringtones, but I’m certainly don’t find them attractive or impressive as I can imagine on Steve Jobs artist-minded masterpiece!

Moreoever, most of the ringtones are terrible soft, even after I set the volume to maximum level! As such, I guess that these are actually microphone recording (of original iPhone rightone?) rather than software-ripped ringtone.

Indeed, the Nokia N73 bundled ringtones are much better! But, what’s wrong to try them on your own and comment it, since the ringtones are non-chargeable!

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  2. hamed 23-08-07@21:58

    with thanks,i want best software for record sound in my class,please help me.

  3. naby 10-12-07@01:38

    How to uninstall themes from Nokia N73.

    Thank you.


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