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All Version Adobe Reader Direct Download

Free direct download the latest, all version of Adobe Reader freeware from Adobe official site.I can’t remember since when the Adobe Reader download links go hiding. Now by default, if you’re using either Internet Explorer or Firefox to download the latest Adobe Reader 8.1 from its official site, only the rightful Adobe Reader version for your current OS is available.

That’s not a big deal if it’s just for local installation.

However, it’s not convenient for distribution or internal network sharing. Though, you can go through extra steps of signing an online agreement, in order to get direct download link of a specific Adobe Reader version!
So, how to directly download all versions of Adobe Reader from its official site? – Without troubles of lengthy agreement signing steps!

I’ve found a direct download link for all versions of Adobe Reader and posted it in my earlier post on 3D PDF support of Adobe Reader v8.1. That particular Adobe site allows one to manually pick up latest or older version of Adobe Reader for different OS and languages.

Adobe official download site to manually or directly download different versions of Adobe Reader for different OS and language.

However, the site will still pop up Adobe Download Manager that managing the download and installation.

Adobe Download Manager will pop up to manage Adobe Reader download and installation.

Frustrated right? Don’t worry! You can download the latest Opera web browser, which is a winner in the recent Top 100 Webware Awards 2007!

Currently, Adobe Download Manager is not working on Opera web browser. As such, the Adobe Reader will be directly downloaded by Opera download manager, which also supports broken-and-resume feature as with most download managers. In the test, I managed to download all Adobe Reader versions for different OS and language on Windows 2000 SP4 PC!

In case you’re not willing to try Opera, here are some of links for your convenient. But, I strongly suggest you visit to this Direct Download All Version Of Adobe Reader for the most updated Adobe Reader installer published by Adobe and download with Opera web browser! For single local installation, no harm to use the default Adobe Download Manager too.

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