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Enable Full Text Feed In WordPress 2.2

Wordpress 2.2 was released on 15 May 2007. But, I barely have time on last Sunday, to upgrade Walker News weblog to this latest WordPress version.

As of its naming tradition, WordPress 2.2 is named in honor of tenor saxophonist Stan Getz. Hence, code-named Getz.
There are number of new features added and almost two hundred bugs have been fixed. Though, the complete or full text feed publishing is still not working in WordPress 2.2 whenever I turn on MORE text link trigger text (the <!--more-->).

Tips or tricks on how to enable complete or full text feed publishing in WordPress 2.2

There are some WordPress 2.2 compatible plugins to easily fix the full text feed problem (such as cavemonkey50) or follow Cacturion full-text feed hacking guide (below).
  1. Open and edit wp-includes/post-template.php
  2. Look for this line of PHP code
    if(preg_match('/<!--more(.+?)?-->/', $content, $matches)){

    and change it to as this
    if(preg_match('/<!--more(.+?)?-->/', $content, $matches) && !is_feed()){

While we are using WordPress 2.2, WordPress 2.2.1 RC1 and RC2 is out and should be ready to upgrade as stable version very soon. So, just what are the new goodies offer by WordPress 2.2? According to WordPress official announcement, here are some of the notable WordPress 2.2 features:
  • Similar to New Blogger widget concept, WordPress 2.2 widget is no longer a plugin. It’s truely a drag-and-drop widget that you find them in Presentation tab.
  • Archives and categories widgets have option to display in pulldown box. Imagine that you don’t have to display a 2 years old weblog archive links in 24 rows at sidebar – just wrap them in the pull-down box.
  • Plugin sandbox is really a must-have feature. Before this, a fatal error in plugins (either by editing mistake or incompatible of an out-dated WordPress plugins) could easily make the entire WordPress-powered blog becomes unusable!
    With Plugin Sandbox, plugin is loaded into a sandbox environment upon its initial loading. If the WordPress plugin throws fatal errors, it’ll be automatically deactivated. Hence, there is no need to login to web-hosting server shell to delete or rename the affected plugin.
  • Import New Blogger posts into WordPress 2.2. If you’re planning to migrate from New Blogger to WordPress 2.2, this feature will help you a lot while importing New Blogger posts content into WordPress 2.2 database.
    Unless you’re hosting New Blogger with custom domain name (i.e. at your own domain name), it’s not worthy to migrate New Blogger blog that using blogspot.com domain name. Doing so will severely destroy your blog page-ranking, as this kind of migration involving domain name migration too!

  • Finally, WordPress 2.2 is now fully supports Atom 1.0 feeds. You can safely ignore WordPress plugin for ATOM 1.0 in WordPress 2.2! [ See also how to index WordPress blog post in Technorati.com ]
  • Before WordPress 2.2, the currently edited blog post will display a “post preview” at the bottom of the editor page, by the time you click Save And Continue Editing button. Though this feature is remain, a “Preview” link is shown at bottom-right corner of Title text-box, rather than appending a preview dialog window at bottom.
    Why this feature is definitely good? The Preview link will open the post preview in new browser window, so that you can easily preview and edit by flipping between the windows! No need to scroll up and down, just press ALT + TAB keyboard shortcut (in Windows) will do.

    New Blogger also support post preview. But it’s not user friendly too, as it open the post preview in next page.

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