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Mystery Trio In Vista DVD Hologram

By Kwisatz curiosity, he found a holographic image of trio printing on his Windows Vista Business edition DVD.

Perhaps, this is first hardware-based Easter Egg of Microsoft product!

Hardware-based Easter Egg of Microsoft product - A microscopic photograph of the men found on some Windows Vista Business edition DVD.

The microscopic printing of the three men measured less than 1mm in size. That’s hardly seen by naked eye, except via an optical magnification or the eye of Superman! Although, the resolution is rather clear at this size when put it under optical magnification.

Who are the trio in this Genuine Vista Hologram?

According to Nick posting on Windows Vista Blog, the three men are members of the team who worked on the Windows Vista DVD hologram design.
“Microsoft Anti-Piracy Team designed a counterfeit-resistant digital watermark for the non-encoded surface of Windows Vista DVDs. The photo in question is only one of multiple images contained in the hologram design, all of whose inclusion serves to make it more difficult to replicate a Windows Vista DVD.”, quoted Nick as saying.

It’s extremely impossible to replicate holographic design in general, the inclusion of these microscopic images makes it 101% harder to break!

Now, I’m wondering is there an Ultimate Vista DVD with Bill Gates portrait printed in his Genuine Vista hologram. If you have one, it might ask for a good price in eBay!

So, try a closer look on your Genuine Vista DVD now, is the hologram printed with Bill Gates portrait or something unique that can draw people interest?

Good luck!

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  1. Walker 16-06-07@10:23

    For series of original photos, please refer to Kwisatz posting.

  2. Mayo 17-10-11@21:28

    “It’s extremely impossible to replicate…”

    Now that must be really difficult since it’s *extremely impossible* ;-)

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