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Meebo As Super Proxy To Instant Messaging

I came to know about Meebo, when I was searching for third party web-based IMs or proxies to access ICQ from Office, as the IT security team blocking most of the well-known (to them) IM access points!

As I recall, people said that Meebo started out silently without massive promotion. However, the goodness of using Meebo as one secured proxy to access the world most popular IM tools has then been spread widely across the Net!

Using Meebo as single master proxy to conveniently accessing all the popular IM tools at one time!Meebo is trusted, secured proxy to your IM accounts – Login information is encrypted by default!

Two years down the road, Meebo doesn’t stop as a simple IM proxy for your convenient! Meebo Room is the latest features added to its resume!

What else? Keep on reading…

Initially, Meebo home-page has only one SIGN ON button and four login prompts to the world most popular IM tools – ICQ/Jabber/AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk (GTalk), and MSN. Just entering respective IM login information and press the SIGN ON button, one can immediately chatting with friends who are online to any one of those Meebo-aware IM platform!

No installation required, no hidden spywares and advertisements, no hidden charges – all you need is a web browser and Internet connection will do!

Next, everyone can create a Meebo account to keep all of his/her IM login information. Though it’s not mandatory, but you can conveniently access to all of your IM accounts in one click! Besides that, Meebo account is the centre place to set preferences, such as turn on or mute new message alert, switching colour of the Web 2.0 interface, keep or disable chat log/history, allows or disallows Emoticons in messages, maintain IM login information and startup behaviours, etc.

Although you can’t using Meebo to send file as message attachment (one of the many way to get virus attack in IM tools!), Meebo has gradually added more basic IM functionalities to its Web 2.0 interface! At least now you can:
  • Rename/Add/Remove chatting-group on each of the IM accounts and group your buddies logically,
  • Rename your buddies funny screen-name to a mnemonic name for your memory,
  • View the chatting history between you and your buddies,
  • Block your buddies from sending you IM message after a temporarily break off,
  • Fetching profile of buddies or unknown passerby (mostly from ICQ account),
  • Invite or join a group-chat among buddies of same interest,
  • Customizing your online message (though it can’t automatically turn on your Away Computer message after idle for some minutes),
  • Sign on multiple IM accounts of the same IM platform (it’s great if you have multiple login accounts to Yahoo Messenger, MSN, GTalk, ICQ, etc),
  • Embed and display your Avatar or a thumbnail of your handsome/pretty face!
  • Multi-lingual Web 2.0 interface – ask Meebo to speak your mother-tongue!
  • HTTPS protocol supported – to totally encrypting / securing IM chatting session and keep the network sniffers away!
  • See what other features requested by Meebo users and what have been implemented so far!

Later, Meebo starts to crave a new IM tools on its own brand name and network – Meebo Me! Though, it’s a niche one and has no direct comparison with its seniors. Meebo Me is actually an IM widget for bloggers and webmasters to boost site traffics and promote real time interaction between site visitors and bloggers / web-masters! I’ve used it once, but the response wasn’t a great try [ as my posts are sucks – so no much comments/interactions :-( ].

Now, there is a new extension of Meebo Me, where its developer called it Meebo Room!

Meebo Me vs Meebo Room. Meebo Room is an extension of Meebo Me IM widget, which allow many-to-many chatting over virtual forum or room and it does not require anyone to sign in and chat!

While Meebo Me require one to chat with visitor via Meebo account on one-to-one basis, Meebo Room can run without your Meebo account! Every bloggers / web-masters can create a Meebo Room and add this many-to-many IM widget on the blogs/sites!

Yes, it’s a many-to-many IM widget. If your blog or site has been drawing huge web traffics and getting many comments, you might trying Meebo Room widget! [ Again, it’s not for me at this time being, looking at my blog traffic and readers base :-( ]
What can you do with Meebo Room?
Unlike forum or comments written by visitors on your blog, Meebo Room allows everyone to comment whatever they like in this virtual room.

It’s a bad point as well as a good point – a coin with two faces!

The downside is of course that you couldn’t control what your visitor says, UNLESS you’re keeping an eye on this widget 24 hours a day – Meebo Room allows you to block a guest or Meebo user from chatting, or sending him/her a private message (message that’s not seen by the rest of people in the “room”!)

The good point is that you can create a “volatile forum” for your visitors to discuss/exchange sensitive message (hacking/cracking, torrent links, politics, etc) – no permanent logs in your “clean” blog profile, except they’re in the Meebo IM servers!

There is an option to turn on a Flash video player in Meebo Room – either you or visitor can copy and paste video links on Meebo Room and plays it directly inside the IM widget! Of course, turning on Flash player will definitely double up web-hosting bandwidth, on top of web traffics, depend on what flash video is show and play :-)! Hopefully, Meebo will not make it compulsory for advertisement purpose!

But, if without sponsor or ads, how could Meebo survive? I think the Meebo Room widget is one more step closer to the lucrative ads segment – by playing video ads in inside the IM widget! Perhaps, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) will buy up Meebo services to strengthen GTalk market shares!

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