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Adobe Reader 8.1 For 3D PDF And Windows Vista

Finally, Adobe Reader v8.1 is out to support Windows Vista, both 32-bit and 64-bit version.

Besides that, the latest release of Adobe Reader includes number of bug fixes and improvements. One of the most significant features added is the full support to Acrobat 3D PDF!

Adobe 3D empowers CAD, CAM, and CAE users to convert virtually any CAD file format into a highly compressed 3D PDF file to facilitate 3D-based collaboration and CAD data interoperability. By using Adobe Reader version 8.1, end users do not need to purchase CAD translator!
Adobe Acrobat 3D software can convert virtually any CAD/CAM/CAE file format to a highly compressed 3D PDF file to freely facilitate 3D-based content collaboration and CAD data interoperability.

Tthe published 3D PDF file samples showing the promise of its “highly compressed” feature, that an original 42MB CAD file created by SolidWorks 2007 can be compressed at 391 ratio to size at 107KB, without losing precise geometry and product manufacturing information!

Downstream manufacturers and end users with Adobe Reader v8.1 don’t have to separately purchase CAD translator for CAD file contents that converted to 3D PDF format!

New features and bug fixes in Adobe Reader v8.1
  1. Improved forms performance,
  2. Integrated function to allow users sending any PDF directly to FedEx Kinko’s Print Online for printing,
  3. Fixed – CPU usage was 100% when Adobe Updater is evoked,
  4. Fixed – Adobe Reader could not print to Microsoft Fax print driver because copy count was set to zero and disabled,
  5. Fixed – Form Print button using javascript action that worked in Reader 7.0x didn’t work in Reader 8,
  6. Fixed – Read Out Loud did not announce labels, states of radio buttons or checkboxes in forms,
  7. Fixed – Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error opening PDF,
  8. Refer to official list of feature / bug fixes of Adobe Reader v8.1

How to directly download Adobe Reader v8.1 for different platform and language version without using the bundled Adobe Updater client?

For whatever reason, you might need to download Adobe Reader for Redhat Linux from Windows 2000 or vice-verse, download Adobe Reader for Windows Vista at home from a Windows XP machine in office, download Adobe Reader that speak your mother-tongue, etc:

Adobe Reader Download – All Versions allows you to selectively download Adobe Reader v8.1 for your target platform and language version.

See also How to retrieve Office 2007 Add-in (Save As PDF or XPS) direct download link without WGA validation.
Please take note that for Windows-based system, this direct download link will download an exe installation file format, while the Adobe Updater client will download the Microsoft Installer Package (MSI) format!

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