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Conserve Nokia N73 Battery To Standby Longer

While the advanced of electronic fabrication technology is capable to pack more desirable functions into a compact mobile phone (generally called smartphone as of today), the battery technology that power on the gadgets is not always evolve at par! The more functions you’ve turned on, the quicker the battery power is depleting over a short period of operating time!

So, how to conserve smartphone battery for longer standby time or talkative time?

Here are the tips to conserve battery of (my 10-months old) Nokia N73. Though, some of the rules are general and applicable to other smartphone model or generic mobile gadgets!
  • Close all open / running programs when they’re not in used. I was really shocked that my N73 ran out of 80% battery power reserved after running Mbounce Big2 game overnight in background, even with the super power saving mode or sleep mode enabled!
    Running Mbounce Big2 game overnight in background can depleting 80% of Nokia N73 battery power reserved, even with super power saving mode or sleep mode turned on.
    How to find out and kill the SISX applications that are running in Nokia N73?

    Press the MENU key for 3 seconds, the S60 User interface will pop up a vertical task-bar on the top-left corner (as in diagram). Scrolling up / down to select the target program and follow the program menu to exit it properly!

    How to run background process (SISX program) in Nokia N73?

    Press the CALL key to bring up N73 Call Log program. Next, press the MENU key and then follow by pressing the EXIT menu. Now, press and hold down the MENU key for 3 seconds, you’ll find the N73 Call Log program in the vertical task-bar, i.e. running in the background!

    [ refer to Symbian S60 3rd Edition shortcut key ]

    That’s how do I accidentally running MBounce Big2 game as background process and depleting 80% of battery power reserved in 8 hours! So, make sure you close the running program using the program menu – NOT just pressing any other keys that might send them to run in background!
  • Enable N73 super power saving mode that turn it into deep sleep mode and blinking its tiny blue LED light – it works similar to the Sleep mode feature that introduced in Windows Vista!
    How to turn on or turn off N73 blinking blue LED? How to enable or disable N73 super power saving mode or Sleep mode?

    To enable N73 super power saving mode or Sleep Mode,

    press MENU key > Tools > Settings > Phone > Display
    [ refer to Symbian S60 3rd Edition shortcut key ]

    to call up the screen shown above. Set the minutes of “Power Saver Time-out” and “Sleep Mode” to ON will cause N73 blackout the TFT screen after the time-out, which will also turn on the blinking blue LED light!
  • You may also want to change the “Light Time-out” setting in Phone Display setup screen (above)! For my case, I’ve set it to black-out N73 TFT screen after the phone / keypad idle for 30 seconds. The N73 screen-saver will running (if enabled) before the “Power Saver Time-out” value reached and triggered!
  • Don’t play SISX games that constantly turning on TFT screen (one of the great battery power sucker of N73 and most other smartphone devices!)
  • Don’t play music or turn on radio that draw battery power for receiving Radio signals!
  • If an excellent Salon grade of photo-shooting is not a must for rough or temporarily reference, always consider to use N73 secondary camera that produce low resolution photos. If you really want to use the main camera, turn off the power-sucking flash as the superb Carl Zeiss optical zoom lens could satisfy most general purpose photo-shootings!
  • Video recording is definitely not encouraged to use while the N73 battery is running low! I’m not sure about the other camera phone, but N73 will constantly turn on the power-sucking flash during video shooting mode. It’s not only heating up the internal phone circuit board, but depleting battery quicker!
  • If possible, always put the TFT screen directly under a bright source. Nokia N73 has a built-in light sensor next to the secondary camera, where is also the awesome blue light led eliminating while N73 goes into deep Sleep Mode.
    The light sensor will sense the brightness around it and automatically adjusting the brightness of TFT screen! Don’t believe me? Try to face the TFT screen under a lighting device, then move it out of the light source, and compare the brightness differences!
  • Last, but not least, stop making long call at all. Try to use the really short sms to cut short the time of using the phone – that’s what the Short Message Service meant for!

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