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CTRL+Q Speed Up IE7 Tabbed Browsing

How to speed up IE7 tabbed browsing – by using the CTRL+Q or CTRL+TAB keyboard shortcut?

Using IE7 keyboard shortcut to generate thumbnail view of all tabbed pages in one master window.

How can IE7 keyboard shortcut speed up IE7 tabbed browsing - CTRL+Q or CTRL+TAB keyboard shortcut?

CTRL+Q vs CTRL+TAB – What are the differences between these 2 keyboard shortcuts?
Cycling focus through the tabbed web page buttons in command toolbar and automatically rendering the respective web content in browser window.
It’s similar to pressing CTRL+ALT+TAB keyboard shortcut in Windows Vista! This IE7 keyboard shortcut will presents thumbnail (preview) of all tabbed web-pages in one master window, with maximum 9 thumbnails fit in a 1024 x 768 Desktop!

CTRL+Q vs CTRL+TAB – Which one is better for IE7 tabbed browsing?
  • If there are only 2 to 4 web-pages open with IE7 tabbed browsing feature, CTRL+TAB is convenient enough!
  • If there are more tabbed pages open in one IE7 window, CTRL+Q is much efficient and speedy – you can either loop through the thumbnails of tabbed web-page with arrow keys and activate it by pressing ENTER key, or simply use the mouse pointer to select and click it!

Personally, I’m really excited about Windows Vista 3D Flip or the thumbnail of ALT+TAB – it’s not just about visual appealing, but the Vista Window Switcher (3D Flip or Thumbnail ALT+TAB) is really convenient to work with multiple windows open in Desktop.

This comfortable experience is same with IE7 thumbnail view for tabbed browsing feature!

Windows Aero interface present premium visual experience in Windows Vista - to render a thumbnail-sized preview of content for open windows when the ALT+TAB key are pressed.
If you’re still using Windows XP or not going to swing with Windows Vista, try pressing CTRL+Q to experience thumbnail view of IE7 tabbed browsing feature – you’ll know the differences between ALT+TAB in Windows XP and Windows Vista!

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