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Windows Vista Never Shutdown By Default

By default installation, Windows Vista never shutdown itself or power off the computer when you press the Power button of the computer or the one in Vista Start menu!

The new power management introduce in Windows Vista will always putting computer into deep sleep mode immediately and restore the exact working environment before it was going to bed, much like the Nokia N73 real power saving feature!

How to tweak Windows Vista Power button between Sleep mode and Real Shutdown / Power Off mode?

How to tweak Windows Vista Power button between Sleep mode and Real Shutdown / Power Off mode? What is the difference between a orange-brown color power button and dark-red color power button in Vista Start menu?As shown in the snapshot of Vista Power button in Start menu (see above), different color of the power button tells the different power management stories!

The orange-brown Vista Power button indicate it will put the Vista-powered computer system into a deep sleep mode or hybrid-sleep mode. The dark-red Vista Power button indicates that the computer will be shutdown as the conventional ways!
Hybrid Sleep vs Sleep vs Hibernation – What are differences between them in Windows Vista power management manual?
Vista Sleep mode
Windows Vista will save the current working environment to memory (all the open documents and running programs / services information) and power off all computer hardware that understand power management, except the RAM (memory) where the working environment information is kept!

Essentially, Windows Vista Sleep function will consume very little electricity or battery power to maintain the memory state, and allows it to immediately resume to operational state with the exact working environment before it went to bed – as the snapshot of processes are kept in lighting-fast random access memory (RAM)!

The Vista Sleep function is applicable to both mobile and desktop computer, so that everyone can cut down electricity bills and save the Earth from global warming disaster!
Vista Hybrid Sleep mode
While sleep mode merely keep the working environment to memory, Windows Vista Hybrid Sleep mode keep the copy to both random access memory and hard disk drive!

It works exactly Sleep + Hibernation mixed = the perfect of both world!

While in Hybrid Sleep mode, Windows Vista will resume in lighting-fast too. Although, it takes a little bit longer to restore from hard disk hibernation file if there was an unexpected power failure or “tripped”, but it will never lost the working environment information – all the open documents and running program will be restored to the state before it went in Hybrid Sleep mode!

Besides power failure, Windows Vista will also automatically power off the whole computer system after it has slept for an extended period of time or when the battery reserved is in critical state.
Vista Hibernation mode
Hibernation alone is less favourable, old-fashion power management technology, as it takes longer time to power off and resume to operation, much like a normal Windows startup!

Steps to enable / disable Windows Vista Sleep function in a computer that speak Vista power management plan:
  1. Click the Vista Orb Start button or press CTRL + ESC keyboard shortcut and type power option in the Start Search text-box.
  2. Click on the “Power Options” in the Programs list to bring up Windows Vista Power Options dialog box.
  3. Click on the “Change Plan Settings” link of the currently active power plan
  4. Click the “Change Advanced Power Settings” link
  5. Expand the “Power buttons And Lid” option. Here, you can tweak or change the default behavior of either or both the chassis power button and Vista Start menu power button.
    How to tweak or change the default power management action of Vista Computer Power button and Vista Start menu  power button?

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