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Download Raiden II Flash Game From RapidShare

Raiden II is one of my favorite arcade games during school. Nothing special, it’s just a fire-shooting game for pastime! I was so excited when I found a Raiden II arcade game emulator for Windows in Rapidshare.com.

Today, I found another cross-platform, flash version of Raiden II arcade game emulator in RapidShare.com too! Unfortunetely, it’s not compatible to play on my Nokia N73 :-(
A shockwave-flash version of Raiden II arcade game emulator that can play with most flash-enabled web browser, such as IE7 and Firefox 2.x

Raiden-X is a Shockwave Flash version of Raiden II emulator that can play on most flash-enabled web browsers, such as IE7 and Firefox 2.x.

Unlike the Japanese Raiden II emulator, Raiden-X is a Shockwave Flash version of Raiden II emulator! I’ve just started to play this flash version and pause at Mission 2. Except with less attractive Raiden II graphic and so-so sound effects, most of the original Raiden II game features remain intact – the number of game missions, obstacles, weapons, Raiden fighters, etc!

But, the flash version is smaller! Raiden-X is just weighted at 2.75MB, which is easier to keep in my USB thumb drive. Also, Raiden-X is cross-platform and highly portable, as the flash version of Raiden II emulator can play on most flash-enabled web browser, such as IE7 and Firefox 2.x!

One of the nice feature of Raiden-X is the save-and-resume function. So, I can pause at mission 2, save the session, and quit the game. Later, I just have to load in the saved session and resume from the missions that I’ve passed!

The cheat-sheet of playing Raiden-X? Don’t worry, Raiden-X is easier to play. And, if you set the game difficulty level to Easy Mode, definitely it will be the easiest mode to complete all the eight missions!

How to play the flash version Raiden-X shooting game?

Just open Raiden-X with any flash-enabled web browser. If Macromedia Shockwave Flash plugin is not installed, IE7 or Firefox 2.x will prompt you to install. After clicking the Start menu, just click on the flash game window once, then you can start using the Arrow keys to move around Raiden-X game menus or fire-shooting!

Note, IE7 Protected Mode will alert you a message that

“To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this web-page from running ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Click here for options….

How to play Raiden-X flash arcade game in IE7 protected mode?
Just click on the message and select “Allow Blocked Content” to proceed playing Raiden-X! But, there is no such alert when I play it on Firefox 2.x.

Download Raidex-X flash arcade game – link removed as I have no control on this file.

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  4. chopin 05-11-08@14:20

    where can i download raiden III? thank you in advance…Godspeed

  5. Walker 06-11-08@02:02

    @chopin, please refer to “Similar Articles” section or use the Google Search in this page to find out.

    Thank you.

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