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Office 2007 Validation Failed By IE7 Protected Mode In Windows Vista

While I was trying to download the Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS Add-in for Office 2007 Small Business editions, the process failed during Office WGA validation!

An error code [0x80180112] trying to tell me that “The validation process could not be completed. Necessary files may have been tampered with. The validation tool is unable to verify whether your copy of Office is genuine!”
Of course, our Purchasing guy is dealing with trustful vendors. I’ve confirmed that all those Office 2007 SB editions have been activated successfully.

Moreover, I found Office 2007 update history in Windows Update program.

So, I don’t believe that our Office 2007 product keys or license codes give us the problem. Probably, it’s caused by Microsoft Office 2007 Update server hiccup that happened few days ago.

After a quick googling, however, Stephen Holm reply to another user in a Microsoft WGA forum thread suggests that it could be due to IE7 Protected Mode while running in Windows Vista!

I tried to turn off IE7 Protected Mode and we finally able to download the Office 2007 add-in, without the embarrassing WGA validation failure!

Hopefully, Stephen and his team will fix this bug sooner, and you may ignore this post later.

How to turn off IE7 Protected Mode In Windows Vista?
Running IE7 as an administrator process (i.e. using the real Vista Administrator login account) will automatically turn off IE7 Protected Mode.

Also, if you’ve turned off Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC), IE7 will also turn off Protected Mode automatically.

1) Right-click IE7 shortcut icon in the Quick Launch toolbar and select Run as Administrator, or

2) Click the Vista Start button, type Internet in the Start Search Vista-Search box, right-click Internet Explorer in Program listing and click the Run as Administrator option, or

3) Locate “Internet | Protected Mode: On” in the IE7 status bar (bottom-right of IE7 window) and double-click on it. Unchecked the check-box for “Enable Protected Mode (Requires restarting Internet Explorer)”

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