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New Windows Vista Interface In Classy Black

Many have complained that Windows Vista with Windows Aero interface can add costs to electricity bill and consume more battery power of laptop computers.

And lately, there are reports saying that black color theme of web pages helps to lower global warming effects by saving significant amount of electricity consumption (as the monitor will consume lesser power when rendering a black-color web page than a white-color theme)!

So, I thought, why don’t you guys also turns Windows Vista GUI interface into a black-color theme, as the picture above?!

High Contrast feature available in both Windows Vista and Windows XP. You may wants to turn Windows Vista GUI interface into black color theme to conserve laptop battery by turning on High Contrast! Just press left ALT + left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN together, which is the Vista Keyboard shortcut or hotkey to turn on the High Contrast feature!

Black is classy! Black color design conserve more energy and save more electricity bill.

Thus, someone out there has turned white Google into black Google, Spiderman turns red costume into black, walkernews.net dfire theme major in black!

How to turn Windows Vista GUI interface into a classy black color to conserve more battery power and works over longer period?

Very easy – just follow the complete Windows Vista keyboard shortcuts to turn on the High Contrast feature!

(This tricks applied to Windows XP too. Meaning that, you can also turn Windows XP Lunar interface into a classy BLACK color theme to conserve more electricity!)

Can’t get it? OK, here are the steps:

Press Left ALT + Left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN together and press YES to confirm turning on High Contrast.

If this Windows hotkey is not working, then
  1. Click the Vista Start button, type ease of in the Start Search text box, locate the Ease Of Access Center in the Program list, highlight it and press ENTER to bring up Ease Of Access Center window
  2. Click Make the computer easier to see
  3. In the High Contrast section, tick the check-box labeled “Turn on or off High Contrast when left ALT + left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN is pressed”.
  4. Press SAVE to close the dialog box. Now, try to press Left ALT + Left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN hotkey again!

Do you think your laptop battery will works longer after turning Windows Vista GUI into this classy black theme? Don’t blame me if it doesn’t work, as I’m not an electronic engineer nor a energy expert! :-)

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  3. val watson 30-05-08@23:55

    You dont have to go through all this on Vista. you can set within the personalization centre. Whats the big deal

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