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How To Add More Shortcut To Windows Vista Sendto Menu

When you select a file and right-click it to bring the Windows context menu, you’ll find the Sendto option there.

As its name suggest, the Sendto option menu contains the shortcuts where you can quickly “send’ the selected file to. The shortcut destination can be a storage device, folder, desktop, or program for actions.

How to add or delete shortcuts in Windows Vista Sendto options menu? Where is the Vista Sendto folder?
The default Windows Vista setup automatically create shortcut to My Document, DVD/CD-ROM, Vista ASAP device (if your motherboard supports it), Desktop, Fax, Mail Recipient. Later, you’ll find more third party programs create shortcut to Vista Sendto folder or menu.

For example, Power Archiver will create a “compressed (zipped)” shortcut menu in the Vista Sendto folder.

How to add or delete Windows program shortcuts in Windows Vista Sendto context menu?

Press CTRL + ESC keyboard shortcut or click the Vista Start button to bring up Vista Start menu, type

in the Start Search (Vista smart search feature) and press ENTER to open up Windows Vista Sendto folder. This is the place where you can add or delete program shortcuts that will later appear or disappear in the Windows Vista Sendto context menu!

To add a Wordpad shortcut in the Vista Sendto folder, just locate the Wordpad program in the Vista Start menu (under Accessories sub-menu), right-click and drag it to the Sendto folder, release the right-click and click the Create Shortcut Here option menu.

As shown in the diagram above, my Vista Sendto option menu is customized with shortcut of some favourite programs, namely FLV Player, InfanView, Media Player Classic of Gabest, Notepad, and Wordpad.

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