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WMP And DreamScene No Sound Playback Problem In Windows Vista

Last Friday, the speaker was working fine to sing my own Robbie Williams Greatest Hits play-list, late until the last hour before I went off from office.

This morning, I found that the bundled Windows Media Player 11 (WMP 11) had problem of playback any supported multimedia files – there is no sound playback at all – not even the standard MP3 music files or the default Windows Media Player sample music files.

There is no sound playback with Windows Vista Ultimate DreamScene video too!

Windows Media Player 11, WMP 11, has no sound playback problem in Windows Vista if the Speaker properties is set to extremely high bit-rate and bit-depth playback format.
As usual, the first thing to suspect is of course the physical speaker sound cable connectivity, the on-board sound card, the speaker itself. But, all that possibilities are null and invalid, when I found that the Media Player Classic of Gabest is able to playback my MP3 with sounds!

At that time, I doubt that was caused by Storm Codec pack installation. But, Storm Codec is my favourite super codecs pack installation in Windows XP at home, and it’s tested working fine in Windows Vista Ultimate as well. There was no playback problem for months before this morning! So, it’s less likely that some non-Vista compatible codecs or codec conflicts have caused Windows Media Player 11 “mute” itself.

After a day long searching and testing, I thought to give up. But, the culprit is confirmed at last. Thanks for Jazz for lending me her headphone, and Samuel for helping me to troubleshoot the Windows Vista Speaker Sound settings!

When I playbacks the song in Media Player Classic with a headphone borrowed from Jazz, I heard the song sounds terrible than it’s supposed to be. So, Samuel point is stand, and I suddenly recalled that I did some setting changes in the speaker properties before I left office last Friday!

How to resolve Windows Media Player or DreamScene no sound playback problem in Windows Vista (Ultimate)?
  1. Click the Vista Start button, type sound, locate the Sound from the program list, highlight it and press ENTER to bring up Sound dialog box.
  2. Click on the Playback tab (default), highlight the Speakers device, and click the Properties button
  3. Click on the Advanced tab, confirm that the sample rate and bit depth to be used isn’t too high!
    Setting a extremely high bit-rate and bit-depth playback format in Windows Vista Speaker properties will cause no sound playback in both Windows Media Player 11, WMP 11, and DreamScene video file in Windows Vista.

In my case, I set it to “24-bit 192000 Hz (Studio Quality)” format! There is no problem when I click the Test button, and I heard the sound pretty loud and clear! So, I suppose it works well for my speaker then. But, it turns out not that case. Indeed, it’s a nightmare!

I get the sound playback heard again in both Windows Media Player and DreamScene desktop background, after I reset the bit-rate and bit-depth setting to “16 bit 44100 Hz (CD Quality)”!

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