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Google Hack 101 Using Google As Proxy Server

Today, I found an Internet trick titled “Google Hack 101 – How to turn Google Applications into a valid Proxy server?”

As the title suggest, the trick is about how to bypass office proxy server or school firewall to surf those blacked-listed websites, by using Google Application tools as second legit proxy server!
As long as the Google.com is not blocked by your a firewall or proxy server in your office, college, or country, this trick is just fine to work as proxy server to a certain extent!

How to use Google.com as proxy server to surf blocked/banned websites?

Google Inc is a BMW of everyone, favored by all works of people!

Google language translator tool can surf and perform language translation on websites or articles. Ordinary people, like myself, will simply use it as a language translator, to translate a web page into English or mother-tongue.

But, you can also use the Google language tool as a proxy server to surf banned/black-listed web pages!

Of course, there are other language translators (e.g. Alta-Vista Babel Fish) to easily serve the same purpose. But, as I said just now, Google.com is less likely be banned/blocked by any proxy servers or firewalls in the Earth.

Though, this trick will be failed too if some smart proxy servers is used to scan the whole URL for prohibited string/keywords.

But, if you are going to use Google language translator as proxy server to surf blocked web pages in English, which is your mother-tongue or the only language you understand, you may feel disappointed. There is no English to English translation in the option menu.

DON’T WORRY. Just try to use “Spanish to English”, “French To English”, “German to English”, “Japanese To English”, etc, will do the job.

This trick will work, as a German web page will not be 100% written in German language. So, Google language translator will only convert the German words and statements to English, otherwise no conversion will be done!

For example, this is how I use the Google language translator tool to surf Playboy.com, torrentscan.com, torrentz.com, etc, in office with the damn squid proxy server. If you do able to see these black-listed sites, then Using Google language translator tool as second proxy server will work for your case!

Anyway, this trick is only works for text. The multimedia contents such as jpeg pictures, quicktime movie, real media files, etc, will not working (displaying).

Never mind, you can try with another Google Application tool called Google Wireless Transcoder.

This Google Application is developed to convert a normal web page into format that is optimized for rendering in WAP browser, such as those web browser in wireless PDA, 3G smart-phone (such as Nokia N95, Dopod C838P), etc.

Google Wireless Transcoder will download the target web page, including those jpeg pictures of the site, and reformat the web page layout for best viewing in mini web browser of smart-phones.

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  3. sawyerrken 09-01-08@07:31

    if u want to use d second method, d link to use is http://www.google.com/gwt/n then enter ur desired url.

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  5. muaddib 18-10-08@07:54

    why to do all this and having not complete success when u can simply go to http://open-url.com and open any site you wont bypassing your proxy server and entering absolutely anonymous in the wanted site ;)

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  7. abiy 16-07-09@22:19

    our network is locked by proxy ……we cant use the some sites like ..(u-tube,skype,face book ,etc)
    How can i access thos sites ??

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