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Replace Windows Flip 3D With Bao Switcher

Windows Flip 3D, but many called it Windows 3D Flip, is part of the Windows Aero interface in Windows Vista. Without Windows Aero, many users will think that the Windows Vista is just a Windows XP SP3!

Windows Flip 3D allows users to switch between or flip through the open windows in a stack of 3D view.

Windows Flip 3D or Windows 3D Flip is another features of Windows Aero interface that introduced to present premium visual effects in Windows Vista - press the Windows + TAB key together and get easily flip through the open windows in a 3D stack of windows.

At this moment, there is no explicit setting to change or define how the Windows Flip 3D should arrange or flip through the open windows. However, there are some third party utility to do the job, and Bao NguYen Switcher v1.2.01687 is definitely one of the cool Windows 3D Flip replacement that I’ve tried and love to live with!

Bao NguYen Switcher v1.2.0.1687 is tiny, standolone, freeware to replace Windows Vista built-in Windows Flip 3D.

Switcher v1.2.01687 is a clean freeware with only 240KB in size – non-adware and no spyware, at least my Kaspersky doesn’t find malicious code at all!

If you opt to download the zip version of Switcher, there is no installation required, as it’s standalone utility, just double click Switcher to run for the first time. Provided you’ve turned on the Automatically start at logon option (enabled by default), Bao Switcher will not auto startup with Windows Vista.

Bao NguYen Switcher arrange open windows in tile view for Windows Vista users conveniently locate the target window and turn it active.

As per Download.com statistic, Bao Switcher is one of the popular freeware with highest editor’s rating!

So, what so attractive of Bao Switcher than the default Windows 3D Flip?

As shown in the diagrams, Bao Switcher present open windows in 2 new layouts – Dock view and Tile view. The Dock view looks similar to the dynamic, thumb-sized taskbar preview function (also part of the Windows Aero interface), when you place mouse pointer on top of taskbar button.

Bao NguYen Switcher arrange open windows in Dock view for Windows Vista users conveniently locate the target window and turn it active.
I like this Dock view, as it’s more efficient and quicker to locate the target window.

On top of that, you can customize your own hotkey to trigger Switcher function, provided the hotkey defined is not currently used by other programs or Windows Vista components.

For example, my favourite hotkey to fire Switcher is to just pressing F11 function key, which is not currently used in my Vista environment.

The default Windows Flip 3D require you to press Windows + Tab hotkey, which is not configurable, as I know at this moment. If there is, it’s most likely by changing Windows Registry!

You can also move the mouse pointer to activate windows switcher function. This is another cool feature – it’s really cool and convenient!

The default mouse movement setting will fire Bao Switcher function when you move the mouse pointer at top-left corner of Desktop. Currently, there are 8 mouse movements setting to activate or trigger the Bao Switcher function!

Need to say more? I suggest you download and try it now – less than 30 seconds to download, another 30 seconds to configure it!

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