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Windows Vista Multiple Clocks And Time synchronization

For the first time, Microsoft has added multiple clocks display in its latest flagship OS Windows Vista. The additional clocks feature is used to display date and time of other time zone, in additional to the default local time.

Besides that, Windows Vista allows user to change or customize date-time format (international 24-hour time format) and setup weekly time synchronization (via NTP protocol) to automatically update Windows Vista with accurate time information.

Windows Vista additional clocks feature is used to display multiple date-time of other time zone, in additional to the default local time zone.

How to configure Windows Vista additional clocks to display multiple time zone information?

1) Right-click on the time display area that is found on the bottom-right of Taskbar,
Right-click on the time display area that is found on the bottom-right of Windows Vista Desktop and click the Adjust Date / Time option of the pop up context menu.This will bring up the Date And Time dialog box, which allows users to configure Windows Vista Additional Clocks display, changing time zone, adjusting date / time, or configure Windows Vista time synchronization.
2) Click on the Adjust Date / Time option of the pop-up context menu to bring up the Date and Time dialog box.

3) Click the Additional Clocks tab, which allows Vista users configuring up to two additional clocks display. Tick the Show This Clock check-box, select the time zone (for example, GMT-08:00 Tijuana, Baja California), and enter a meaningful name of this clock display (for my case, I name it as California, as shown in the first diagram).

How to setup Windows Vista NTP time synchronization?

4) Click on the Internet Time tab follow by clicking on Change Setting button. If you didn’t disable / tweaking Windows Vista UAC, User Access Control will prompt for user permission to continue. Press Continue to proceed.

5) Tick the Synchronize With An Internet Time Server check-box, click on the Server drop-box to select any one of the NTP time server, and click the Update Now button to confirm the selected time server working for your case.
In most cases, the default time.windows.com time server time out frequently. If possible, use the nearest time server available. You may manually typing one of public NTP time server that is not found in the default list.

If you get this error message after clicking Update Now button,

An error occurred getting the status of the last synchronization. The interface is unknown.

most likely the Windows Vista Time services is disabled or stopped. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to bring up Windows Task Manager window. Click on the Services tab, follow by the Services button at the bottom-right corner. In the Services window, enable and run the Windows Time service if it’s not currently running.
There are many ways to bring up Windows Vista Service window, or any program installed to Windows Vista. For example, you can click the new Windows Start button and immediately typing service in the Windows Vista search box. The smart Vista search function will display the most matching program on the top list (as shown). Just double-click the Services program will do.

Besides the new Windows Start button, Windows Vista search box is also a new and smart searching feature. As user typing the program name, Windows Vista search box will display the most matching program in the search program list.
How to change or custom Windows Vista date-time format?

1) Click the Windows Start button and type region in the Vista Search box,

2) Double-click the Regional And Language Options in the program searching list,

3) Click the Formats tab, follow by clicking the Customize This Format button,

4) To set / display 24-hour time format with leading zero, click the Time tab, and manually type time format template as HH:mm:ss in the Time Format text-box.

5) To set / customize date format, click the Date tab, and manually type the date format template in Short Date and/or Long Date text-boxes. For example, the date format template dd-MMM-yyyy display Windows Vista system date as 01-May-2007.

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  1. indeterminate 12-01-09@15:28

    Actually, individual users should try to use Stratum 2 NTP servers, to avoid clogging the stratum 1 servers.

  2. Walker 12-01-09@22:55

    Thank you for advice.

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