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Power Archiver 2007 Serial Number Cracked Again

It’s always a good idea to have one super archiving utility that support all type of file compression / decompression and archiving file formats.

Power Archiver is certainly one of these few super compression utility for Windows platform!

Since its first appearance on 1998, Power Archiver is always keeping pace with the ever changing technology. The latest Power Archiver 2007 version 10.01.03 is compatible with Windows Vista, as well as number of improvements made for most supported compression / decompression / archiving algorithms used today!

As usual, a nice and attractive program always comes with a price and naturally be target of crackers!

Just after Power Archiver 2007 v10.01.03 released on Mar 2007, there is one serial number / registration code leaked by Explosion and one crack program released by Invisible.

Power Archiver 2007 v10.01.03 serial number cracked when Explosion leak the Power Achiver 2007 v10.01.03 registration code to RapidShare

The PowerArchiver.2007.v10.01.03.rar that available in Rapidshare.com contains the installer and serial number that can be safely entered to activate / register the super archiver!

Beside the Explosion serial number, there is also another crack program (called Invisible) that works as patch to activate Power Archiver 2007.

Generally, the valid registration code leaked by Explosion is an ideal solution!

Howerver, whenever possible, always consider to buy a valid serial number from ConeXware Inc!

Why not using the cracked version / leaked serial number of Power Archiver 2007?
The excerpt taken from the Power Archiver Help document titled “Introduction to Power Archiver”…

Please remember that PowerArchiver 2007 is not a free program. Developers and their families depend on our users to register PowerArchiver 2007 for home or business use. PowerArchiver is one of the most used programs in the world, yet less than 0.1% of people that use it actually pay for a license. Please purchase your copy of PowerArchiver 2007!

While the ZIP format was the mainstream of file compression format in Windows platform, Winzip, Power Archiver, etc, appear as popular freeware compression utility.

These good old days had gone when there are more better file compression engines added to support the varieties of file compression format / algorithm, such as RAR, ACE, 7zip, GZip, Bzip2, etc.

However, not all of these file compression / archiving algorithms are released to developers at zero costs!

That’s one of the reasons that these freeware turn out as shareware eventually.

But, the license cost of Power Archiver 2007 is only one time costs – just 20 bucks – and it’s valid for future, unlimited version upgrade for personal user!

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  1. Blayzer 23-04-07@23:15

    how can i download it?

  2. Jacob 24-04-07@23:56

    I ask google PowerArchiver.2007.v10.01.03.rar…get the rapidshare.com url…that’s all.

    but, i’m agree with walkernews…if possible, pay for it or use alternative 7zip program which is free.

  3. Hulk 27-04-07@00:57

    yeah, that keyword and rapidshare, but not in google. yahoo has better answers.

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