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Tweak Or Disable Windows Vista UAC With TweakUAC

In Windows Vista, the User Account Control or UAC will automatically force all user processes, including processes of Vista administrator account, to run with standard user privileges!

Prior to Windows Vista, only standard users account will have to use the Windows Runas command to run program with administrator privileges. The Windows Administrators account is defaulted to full access privileges, and hence are not required to use the Windows Runas.

User Account Control or UAC is one of the several security features that are introduced in Windows Longhorn server and Windows Vista.

Although the UAC feature is good by concept, not many users like to buy this idea, especially to the advanced users. The UAC prompt is really annoying, troublesome, and somewhat ridiculous!

Now, as always, there is a freeware called TweakUAC used to turn off, disable, or TWEAK the Vista UAC!

TweakUAC is a Vista-compatible freeware utility that is used to easily turn off or enable Windows Vista UAC, or to enable the Vista UAC and suppress the annoying privilege prompt.

TweakUAC is standalone freeware utility, and of course is Vista-compatible freeware, that is coded to easily turning off / on User Account Control, or enable the Vista UAC security feature but suppressing the Vista administrator elevation prompt that pops up to ask for user’s permission in the quiet mode. Standalone TweakUAC means no installation required, so it will not mess up Windows registry or Vista file system.

The simple interface has 3 options to tweak the Vista UAC:
  1. Turn UAC Off Now is used to disable Vista UAC completely. Meaning that Vista Administrators will not getting the annoying elevation permission prompt anymore.
  2. Switch UAC To The Quiet Mode is recommended. No doubt it’s one of the great idea to safeguard the OS from virus or malware attack.
    This option turns on or enable the Vista UAC and suppress the “Windows needs your permission to continue” privileges elevation prompt. That’s to say, when Vista Administrator attempts to perform an administrative task, the task will be allowed to proceed automatically without prompting. However, you and your Windows Vista is still under the Vista UAC protection.

    For example, all Vista users programs or processes will run with the standard user permissions and the Vista standard users will still be prompted with elevation prompts (quiet mode is only applied to Vista administrator accounts)!
  3. Leave UAC On is clearly aimed to restore or re-enable Vista UAC to the default Vista installation state.

Download the TweakUAC freeware to disable, turn off Vista UAC, or suppress Vista administrator elevation prompt.

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